SKINLITE: Aloe Essence Mask

1:12 AM

Okay so I got this Aloe Mask from my sister for christmas last year. It cost about RM5.90? Can't remember, haha I know strange that I know how much my present cost right? Well we actually bought each other's presents together. 

Sorry that the packaging looks retarded, I peeled the packet and then only realize that I have not snap a picture of this mask, haha. So the directions on how to use, ingredients, etc are all in the pictures.

Before I put the mask on my face, I actually did a mini home facial so yes my face was properly cleansed. The packet says leave it on from 15 to 20 minutes, I left it on for 20 minutes.

When I had this mask on, I was sitting on my couch, listening to the sounds from the television because I could not wear my specs, so I was half blind. I just sat there, directly under the ceiling fan. My face felt so cooling, nice, and relaxing, like as if the mask is tightening my pores. Though this mask is not meant for tightening pores. But when I got up and walked away from the fan, I felt a little heat on my face, even when I removed the mask, massaged the excess to my skin, my face felt a little warm. I'm thinking maybe because the mask was too cooling?

Overall I like the cool feeling, but i dislike the warm feeling after. I'm not sure if it's normal or common that for this kinds of mask to have that effect. 

Would I Repurchase?: Maybe
Rate: 3/5

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  1. I always have the warm feeling everytime after doing facial mask, dislike it as well ):


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