Williams! @ Taman Mayang, Kelana Jaya

2:49 AM

Hey peeps! When was the last time you've been to Williams? If you have not, Williams is similar to Murni's in SS2, in fact they are brothers! Anyways just heads up to those who have been there, Williams have moved next to Uni there. That huge pink building that is a University.

When we first reached it was about 7pm ish? Still bright, and there were very few people. We purposely came earlier because we wanted to avoid the crowd, that will also mean faster food service. 

Ribena Longan Special - Only 1 size

Mango Special i think?

Mmmm.... Beef Burger. This is really good but it was too much for my friend. He wanted to continue eating but really couldnt. Some of you that are big eaters may think that it's small, but it is really filling.

Chicken Chop, love the mash potato and the coleslaw. The chicken was tender and delicious. Well cooked. 

Roti Hawaii

Basil Pesto Pasta

Dessert, the pudding itself is already so sweet, plus the chocolate? Forgot the name of  this, just ask them about the pudding in cup, they should know. 

Later in the evening, the crowd is starting to gather.

So in conclusion, the food is still good and the portion is huge! If you are a small eater, please share, especially for pasta. Price I guess somewhat decent? Hey it's Williams. :p
Also remember that they have moved yeah. :)

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  1. Serious? I had no idea. Eh wait no la... Last year I went they were still at the same place, but beginning of last year.

  2. lol gosh been hearing this place for a long time! yet i still got no chance to go yet! haha


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