Adoption Drive #3 - 17 and 18 March 2012

11:20 PM

I know that not long ago I posted about this Adoption Drive. But the other time I was a little too late, so by the time some people found out about it it was over.  Anyhow they are having another one this coming weekend. Please please do make it, visit them, give some dog food, basically do some good deed before you head of partying at Future Music, or St. Patricks.

Kajang may be far for some of you, but if you go with a group of friends in one car, it would be kinda fun, like a day trip. :) To get details of the exact location please contact the numbers above. :)

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  1. awww too bad im not in kl, otherwise would like to go and help out! =(

  2. i always want to adopt one. sadly my dad don't allow :X

  3. @henry and camy - spread to your friends! :)


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