Bohemian Cafe @ Help University, DSA.

2:00 AM

14 MAR, 2012 - Psychology Department organised a small event called the Bohemian Cafe at Help University's DSA (Department of Student Affairs) room. The purpose of this mini event was to give everyone (not only from the Psych Department) but anyone from Help, or even outside of Help, a chance to share their creativity. Creativity varies from singing, dancing, poetry reading, paintings, home made food, and more. 

The attendance of this small event was rather pretty good, two rooms were used, and both rooms were filled with people. The event started at 12pm, but I only reached at 1.30pm, so when I got there, this was the first performance:

The person in the middle is a tutor for Psychology, also my friend from Foundatiom, Douglas. 

Up next was a student from the Psych department/comedian, told us some jokes. You know I've been to this kind of events before, and especially when it's a small event, the jokes are always lame. But to my surprise, his jokes were funny and pretty good. Well done you! :)

He called two girls up, and taught them bollywood dance. It was kinda hilarious.

The next performance were by my friends, Chloe and Will, and their friend, Megan. I recorded their performance, please scroll down for the video. :)

And a random shot I took of them. 

They are not from HELP, but also students. If I'm not mistaken, it was kind of a first time for the guy to perform? I am not sure but I remember hearing something like that. But non the less, good effort. :)

During their performance, the girl (to me) seems to be teasing him quite a bit which I thought, hey that's kinda mean. At one point she left the stage then the guy performed on his own for the last song. But I was also thinking that maybe it was scripted. I doubt they would actually have such drama so easily especially in public. 

My friends. :)

Some of the stuff I took in the room.


Check out the performances! Apologies, videos aren't that clear, and abit shaky as it was hand held.

Song written by Will Beale

This performance is very short, because I thought my camera might not have enough space.


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