Deutsches Gasthaus @ TTDI

2:49 AM

The other night my friends and I wanted to go for a drink nearby our friends' place, so we thought of Tom, Dick, and Harry's. Unfortunately they were kind of full house, and we didn't really feel like waiting for seats, so we looked around for another bar at the same row. We found a few, some of them were really empty, some were filled with old men, literally grandpa kind of old men. Then we found Deutsches Gasthaus, which we thought looks pretty similar to TD&H, and it isn't too empty. 

A quick look of the place.





They have quite a good range of Australian beers. But I did not snap the menu for that part, my apologies! I kinda forgot to. 

Cut your steam abit, but hey doesn't this look familiar? Except that it's not blue? Haha. 

Garlic Bread @RM8 for 6 pieces, not too bad and they taste kinda nice too. Not GREAT but I like it. 

This smells really good but unfortunately I was a vegetarian for that day, so I did not manage to try. RM20++, not sure what's this called but if you ask the waiter/waitress, describe to them a pizza that has wild mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni

Pancake with Ice Cream! The Ice Cream was good, the pancake wasn't too bad too. Cost about RM15 I think, for me, not worth it.  

Me and Chloe. This is me with 0% make up, it was the day I went for facial and right after that I met up with my friends. Hehe.

So over all this place is pretty okay, food price a little on the pricier side if compared to TDH.
Rate: 2.5/5

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  1. yupp, the price seems to be higher!i wan to try the VB australian beer! =D

  2. TDH always full house wan. This seems like a good alternative though pricier :)

    1. Yeap it is, best time to go is evening around 6 ish? For TDH i mean.


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