How to cure Eye Stye?

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Recently I notice that eye sties are quite common, especially among my friends and also myself. I once had this eye stye that was so bad and humongous! But that was like few days to a week later. Like every doctor would say, prevention is better than cure. This applies very well for eye sties, because you don't want it to grow any bigger. One thing about eye sties is that once it's already there for a day, in order for it to heal is usually by letting it burst on its own, and all the puss will come out, eww I know. If you are not sure what's an eye stye, please google, I would upload a picture here, but I don't want to look at it so yeah. Haha.

The signs and symptoms, and cures are based on my experience, and also some Googling. 

What is an Eye Stye?
"Although the appearance of a stye can be unsightly at times, it is usually harmless. A stye is a small bump that somtimes appear on the outside or inside of the eyelid. A stye is also referred to as a hordeolum.
A stye develops from an eyelash follicle or an eyelid oil gland that becomes clogged from excess oil, debris or bacteria. Styes can be a complication of blepharitis but also seem to be brought on by stress." (, 2012)

How will I know if I'm going to get an eye stye?
The Signs and Symptoms:
  • Eye sties usually appear at upper lids, lower lids, inside the upper and lower lids, and sometimes inner corner of the eye. However during the beginning stage it is not obvious.
  • The first sign is itchiness and discomfort.
    • It is normal for our eye lids to be itchy at times, just like other parts of our body where our skin will suddenly itch. You will know it's a stye when you rub or scratch the itchy area gently, and it will suddenly get a little puffier than our normal eye lids, exactly at the area where we touched.
  • Not all eye sties first sign is itchiness, for some people, it is a slight pain and discomfort.
    • When our eye lids are a little sensitive and feels a little painful, it is obvious that something is wrong.
  • For some people at certain times there is no pain or itch, but a small bump straight away without any warning.
How do I prevent the eye stye?
  • Whenever I discover any of the sign and symptoms I've stated above, I will immediately get a cup, put 1 teaspoon of salt, add room temperature water, and 1/3 boiling hot water and stir. This is to make the water warm. 
  • I then take a cotton pad, dip the pad in the cup, squeeze the cotton till damped (not too dry) and place it on my eye. I leave it there for a few seconds, or until the cotton pad is cooler. I do this repeatedly for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until the puff or bump disappears. Usually I will keep applying until it disappears. 
  • Sometimes I would like to make the water a little hotter, it makes me feel better. You may make your water a little hotter as well but make sure you do not burn yourself. 
  • I have done this three times, and all three times worked for me. The reason why I apply warm or slightly hotter water is to create circulation for my eye. Salt is known for killing bacteria, that is why when people have mouth ulcer, they apply salt. So the salt is used to kill the bacteria around the eye lids.
What if the stye is already formed?
  • My methods above works for both fully formed and not fully formed sties. The only difference is that if you do it immediately when you suspect a stye, it will immediately get rid or prevent the stye from forming
  • However, if the stye has been formed, do the same method, but the cure may not work as fast. The method will make your stye grow bigger, but bigger for this case is better because you need it to burst on it's own (DO NOT BURST IT YOURSELF).
  • Another option is to see a doctor, get antibiotics. The last time I took antibiotics it helped my stye to grow and burst faster, sometimes if you're lucky, it'll burst from inside. But antibiotics did not work all the time for me. 
  • Sties will take few days to a week to heal on its own if you use the method above, two times a day, 15 minutes each time. But if your stye does not heal or show any signs of healing, please visit the doctor. 

Never want a stye again?
  • Never is impossible, but decreasing the chances of having another stye is possible. 
  • For women who wears make up daily or often, be sure to use make up remover and remove your make up and cleanse your face right after.
    • I know some people who just put concealer or face powder think they can just use tissue to wipe them off, or use a cleanser straight away. But no, use a make up remover.
  • For both men and women 
    • Cleanse your face every morning and night, following the three steps: Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. 

I hope I helped. :)

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  1. New information to me..
    So far I don't have this problem...

    1. Lucky you! Really!... I THINK people with oily skin are more likely to get sties, cause of the oil clogged.

  2. thanks for sharing yeah! very informative :)

    1. Hehe welcome, just want to share my ways of preventing. :)

  3. thanks for the tips here.. This thing is really uncomfortable when it appears.. ><

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  4. good sharing. not had it for some years. the last happened when my resistance was at an all time low. fever, flu, cough and the whole works with misery added by the stye.

    1. Sometimes a stye appears when your body is heaty too.

  5. i didnt know what is an eye stye until you share it here. it annoys me too when i had it last time..

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