Nightfall 2012 Movie Review

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The Story
This movie about a guy called Eugene Wang that was released from jail of 20 years for rape and murder. So happened that after his release, another death incident took place, and because of his past the police suspects him for murder of the classical celebrity. If I tell you anymore about the story, I would be a spoiler. So to conclude, the movie is basically about police trying to solve the mysterious death of that celebrity, however during the investigations, some things happened. 

Released Date: 22 March, 2012
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action
Casts: Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, Janice Man, Kay Tse, Shawn Dou, Candice Yu, Michael Wong
Duration: 106 mins

My Thoughts
Before I watched this movie, I saw bits and pieces of the trailer and I actually thought it was more of Action than what it really is. For me, it was a little eerie in the beginning, but later on when things started to make sense I was stuck in the movie. As soon as a death case took place, I started thinking who could the killer be? I was very sure the guy that was released from jail is not the killer because that is what the director would want us to think. However it was a little draggy at some parts, for instance, some scenes I think they pause a little too long which got me annoyed. It's like they show the guy smoking and thinking, but we can't hear his thoughts. 

Well I don't want to say much here because I might spoil the movie, but all I can say is that the ending is pretty unpredictable, and the director has succeed in playing mind tricks with the audience. Though genre is crime, thriller, and action, but in my opinion there was also a little of romance/drama. Do catch it if you can because I personally enjoyed this movie.

*PS. Not much action scenes, and thank you Nuffnang.

My liking: 3.5/5

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  1. got much action scene ok! beginning dam keng lo Nick Cheung XD

    1. My action scenes means like fighting scenes, not the running and chasing part. hehe.


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