Phang Key Dim Sum @ Happy Garden

2:38 AM

Firstly I would like to apologize because I am not familiar with roads in Old Klang Road, so I can't really explain where it is other than Happy Garden. Just look out for Restoran Choy Kei, the dim sum is opposite. It isn't exactly a restaurant, but more like stalls, a big one. 

It was 9 to 10am and already so many people, it was a Saturday. If me? I'll be snoring at home. Haha. 

Right now while I'm updating this blog I am literally torturing myself, because I am hungry, and I am craving for these awesome dim sum!!!

Besides the above, we also ordered paos, loh mai kai, and porridge. Now I'm going to show you what we took:


Honestly, I think that we ordered quite a lot. The total bill came up to RM60+ only, and there were five of us. Each was about RM12, but because some ate more, especially the guys, (more meaning they order loh mai kai and paos) the rest only paid RM8!!! Shit man... This is just AWESOME! Out of a few dim sum places I've tried, this one is one of the best, also affordable!

I Love love love love this place and I'm craving for them now. 
Rate: 4/5 - Why? Cause they are good and super affordable. 

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  1. we sometimes eat here other than our regular Fortune and Jin Xuan. This place is quite fun to be. Very busy with people eating, talking and sometimes you actually catch the latest goss in town (depending who sits nearbylah).

  2. Omg! Now im craving for some dim sum after drooling over your pictures! hahaha

  3. wahh! Tah's really cheap...should consider to go arleady if i am able to wake up early .. :D


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