Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop Review

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So this is the hype that got everybody in the US crazy! This Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is so popular among girls and women where most places were sold out! Some bloggers or vloggers had to go different drug stores just to get the complete colours they want. 

Well guess what? Now it's available in Malaysia!
It is finally in my hands too! The first time when I went to Watson's to try this product, I was terribly disappointed because firstly the colours I wanted wasn't available as they only brought in 8 colours into Malaysia, where as in the US there are 20 over colours! 

Even so, I don't know why but there is just something about this Lollipop that attracts me, whether I see it in the magazines, or when I watch it from the Vloggers on Youtube, or other blogs. The first time when I went to try this colour, I was wearing an orangyred blouse so maybe that's why it was a bit off. So make sure you wear a dark coloured shirt/blouse or white when you want to try bright colours like this

Quick look of the product.
So this is the total amount of lip butter in the stick. At first I thought, HEY! RM25 is kinda cheap! But for this amount, I think it should have been RM20. 

What so special about this?
This product is crazy in the States because of how amazing it feels on the lips! Some say they are tinted lip balms (lip balms with colour), while some said it is like lip stick but has the lip balm feel. They are a little sheer as you can see some glitters in the lip butter, but different colours are different in pigmentation and the sheerness. 94% of women claimed that their lips were softer after using this lip butter, and I am part of that 94%.

Time to Review!

Bare lips

With Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Lollipop 075

With Flash
I don't know why but my camera seems to wash off the actual colour, but here's the best I can show. 
The lighting in the room is from the dressing table, and the white light is really bright. So because of that the colour doesn't show much, therefore I had to use flash.  

The Swatches: Left = One Swatch, Right = Two Swatches


Here are some pictures, hopefully it'll roughly show the colour.

With Flash
This picture was taken in Watsons, better lighting here too. But again, the actual colour is slightly brighter.

- Moisturizes and softens my lips.
- They are pretty pigmented for something that moisturizes your lips as well
- Easy to find, in pharmacies.
- There's no perfume or flavoured scent.
- Comes in many different colours
- Does not feel greasy or sticky

- The cover is difficult to open.
- The texture is quite soft compared to other lip sticks, so it can be easily smashed when applying.
- Colour doesn't last long. (I wore this for 1 to 3 hours, after that the colour fades and look more natural). It is a CONS if you want the actual colour to last, PROS if you like that it turns to a natural Pinkish Red.

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase?: Yes! Might even get more colours IF they bring in more colours.

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  1. lol lollipop! u reminded me the candy i used to have when i was young. its like lipstick too!

    1. Yeah this lip butter range names are all the sweet sweet stuff, like Tutti Frutti, Creme Brulee, etc...


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