Revlon Colorburst Lip Stick (Blush)

3:30 AM

Firstly, I love the packaging, it is so professional pretty kind of pretty. So the colour that I bought is Blush 035, it is a more natural pinkish nude kind of colour that is suitable for everyday wear

I love how they engraved the "REVLON" in the lipstick. 

This is the amount of the lipstick given, I did use it few times before taking the pictures, about 5 times probably? But I'm pretty sure I didn't use much that the lip stick decreased its height/length. 

Here are the swatches, the one on the left is one swatch, right: two swatches.

Whenever I wear lipstick, I have to put lip balm first because my lips can get pretty dry. 

Bare Lips. I have medium coloured lips I think, but definitely not light.

*The colour looks lighter in camera

From the picture you can see that the picture below is more brownish pinkish nude than the top picture. The Colorburst Lipstick has a glossy feel and effect to it. So this isn't like those matte lipsticks.

This colour is suitable for everyday wear, and it will also go well with strong eye make up.
Strong eye make ups such as Smokey Eyes, or anything that is striking, or eye catching. When the eye make up is strong, the lips should usually be more toned down, so that there is a balance on our face. Another reason for the lip colour to be less obvious instead of bright colours such as super Red Reds, Fuchsia, is so that the attention would go to the eye make up that we put so much effort in! 

Price is RM39, but I got is for RM35+ cause of SALE! - Watsons

Moist feel, colour is pigmented especially for a light colour like this. When applied it doesn't feel dry, but after it fades off, I felt like my lips were a little dry, however my friend on the other hand said it wasn't dry for her. So it depends on individual, furthermore my lips are more on the dry side. 

Will I repurchase?
Only when on SALE because honestly RM39 is kinda pricey for me. 

Hope I helped! :)

*This colour has been discontinued in the States, if you like this colour better grab it now while stocks last in Malaysia. 

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  1. would love to see you in full make up with the lip stick!

    1. Will do that one day soon! :) But it is discontinued in the states, so if you want it, should go to the counter and try it out.:)


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