What flavour should I pick from Lecka Lecka?

10:27 PM

So the other day my friends and I were walking around Curve, and we saw Lecka Lecka and thought hey it's been a while since we had ice cream! Let's share one!

So here is just a recommendation of which flavours are good. We bought the Tripple Scoop for RM9.90. The scoops were kinda small though if compared to Baskin's, but then again, Baskin's is like RM8 to 9 for a single scoop.

The flavours we ordered were Cookies and Cream, Oreo, and Strawberry. Out of these 3 flavours, personally the most interesting flavour or taste was the Strawberry. Because Cookies and Cream, and Oreo are pretty common and it can't really be wrong? The Strawberry does not taste too sour, instead it taste pretty nice, mild sweetness, and a fresh taste.

So if you feel like having a fruity ice cream, try the Strawberry! But don't get me wrong, the Cookies and Cream, and Oreo are pretty good too. :)

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