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Getting overloaded with work + low salary can be really stressful physically and emotionally. As we grow older we will start to realise the hardship of life, and some would even complain "life sucks". But at the end of the day, we make the changes in our lives and just deal with the consequences. Sometimes it is not possible to make life less stressful unless you quit your job or studies, however we can do things that will make us happy to compensate the daily stress. 

I am not working yet, and I recently finished my last paper though I'm still left with Thesis to write(so not looking forward to it). But I was pretty stressful before my last paper as I studied whole day before my exam, memorizing points and stuff. Sounds like I'm just giving an excuse to go for a massage? Indeed I am! I bought vouchers from about few months ago because I wanted to experience the massaging techniques by professionals. Besides, who's so free to give me a full body massage at home?

The voucher that I bought was an hour of Full Body Aromatherapy Massage. My friend Carmen and I had our massage in the same room so that if we wanted to add another 30 minutes, we can add it together. Which means we paid a little extra. The actual price for this massage is RM78 for one hour, however the lady gave us extra discount. Instead of RM39 (half of RM78), she only charged us RM19.50, which is another half of the RM39.  

My Experience
Well it was ticklish at certain areas and a little painful too, but bearable. During the additional 30 minutes massage, I asked the lady to massage a little softer, but I realize it does not feel as good as before, so I asked her to massage like before again. 

What I notice is that, when they massage a little harder it hurts for a while but the moment they release and allow the blood to flow, gosh it feels so relaxing. It felt like the stress and worries left my body as the pain subsides. Now I know why some people like their massage with more pressure. 

I believe the bathroom is for the SPA. 

After our massage, we headed down stairs for our Ginger Tea. I think they boiled the Ginger Tea with Pandan Leaf. 

If you have heard of Amante, you should already know that they do Mani-Pedi. But if you didn't know then now you know. :) They have a variety of not only colours, but different types of nail polish. 
colours copy
They have bright coloursdesigner series that are a little shimmery.

colours2 copy
Pirates of the Caribbean, I do not know what's the specialty but I'm pretty sure there's a difference. The Muppets are theglittery nail polishes. Most importantly, they are using nail polishes that are known, expensive, and has quality = O. P. I.

IMG_0034 copy

Their waiting lounge and cashier. 

IMG_0043 copy
The picture says it all?

Services and Pricing

-Basic Manicure - RM33
-Basic Pedicure - RM45
-Creative Moisturizing Spa Manicure - RM66
-Creative Moisturizing Spa Pedicure - RM88
-NAILTEK* Spa Manicure (Guaranteed wrinkle-lifting effect) - RM85
-NAILTEK* Spa Pedicure (Guaranteed wrinkle-lifting effect) - RM95
-Hand Moisturizing Paraffin treatment - RM35
-Foot Moisturizing Paraffin treatment - RM45
-Foot Callus Treatment - RM48
-Express Manicure/Pedicure - RM23
-Nail Extension - RM180 & above
-Nail Art - depending on design
-Colour Gel Overlay - RM78

IMG_0044 copy

Body Treatment Massage
- Aromatherapy Body Massage (60mins) - RM78
- Aromatherapy Body Massage (90mins) - RM117
- Aromatherapy Body Massage (120mins) - RM156
- Aromatherapy Back Massage - RM48
-*Hot Stone Body Massage - RM168
- Ear Candling Treatment - RM98
- Back Scrub - RM68
- Bust Firming & Enlargement Massage Treatment - RM138
- *Slimming Massage & Hot Mask - RM138 (Choose one:Tummy, buttock, front thigh, back thigh, arm)
- Herbal Ball Detox Treatment Massage (60mins) - RM118
- Herbal Ball Detox Treatment Massage (90mins) - RM168

- Touch-up (within 2 weeks) - RM49
- Perming - RM58
- Removal - RM35
- Trimming - RM19
- *Richlash extension - RM168

- Silklash extension - RM18

Hair Removal Waxing
- Underarm - RM35
- Upper Lips - RM35
- Half hand - RM49
- Full hand - RM69
- Half leg - RM59
- Full leg - RM79
- Bikini - RM89
- *Brazilian - RM119

Facial-Bellewave USA
- Purifying Detox Facial Treatment - RM98
- Revitalizing & Hydration Facial Treatment - RM168
- Calming & Rejuvenation Facial Treatment - RM168
- Instant Radiance & Brightening Facial Treatment - RM238
- Intense Anti-Aging Repair & Royal Facial Treatment - RM338
- C-Force Revival Intensive Professional Treatment (FOR LACKLUSTER AND FATIGUED SKIN WITH SINGS OF AGING) - RM298
- Stem Cellologist Botanical Stem Cell Professional Treatment (THE POWERFUL QUINTET IN AGE DEFENSE AND BRIGHTENING) - RM345
- White-Neurogist Express Lightening Expert Professional Treatment (THE ALTERNATIVE TO HYDROQUINONE & LASER) - RM420
IMG_0042 copy
Don't miss their promotion!

Today was a working day, but their slots were full so book them a week before. :)

Check their website for the contact number to the outlets nearest to you. :)

Service - 4/5
Environment - 3.5/5
Pricing - 2.5/5 have pretty good deals especially for Beauty related. Check them out here:

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