Beware your surroundings - Mid Valley

4:04 PM

I received this from an e-mail from my mum, a true story forwarded around. PLEASE READ.

"8.30pm, Sunday 11/03/12 - I was sms-ing and walking alone in midvalley after some grocery. As i was walking and smsing, there is this Chinese man in his late 30's, 'with strong perfume smell' walking from the opposite direction randomly says "hi - i ignored him because cleary i don't know that man. i just walk pass him and continue my sms. 

i can feel that he is following from the side way and that strong perfume smell is getting closer. he then have his 2nd attempt "what phone model you using? NOTE THIS : the moment i turn my head to his face, is the moment i got tricked! i turned my head to him *thought of giving him some whathefuck face* in just a split second he somehow twisted a pen on his shirt pocket the smell just got stronger! all it takes but that less than 2seconds! i just kept walking faster and faster towards a security guard (lucky there was one!) each and every steps i take i feel dizzy..starting to have some blur vision..headache..less than 10steps i fell down..luckily there was a security guard and few passer by..i tried looking backwards to see if that stranger is still there..but nope he is gone.i don't know if this is consider as Spike..but yea, it just really happened! 

Shits like this actually real! No i wasnt wearing a deep v or mini skirt with heels i was just in my maxi dress No i don't have my make-up on is all just because i am walking alone and i am a girl.   So ya ladies, please just do not do not, ever ,ever turn your head to strangers! not even a second.p/s: FORWARD AND TELL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS"

PS: Direct quote from e-mail. 

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  1. thats why nv go anywhere alone, if u must and if the guys u are with are really that inconsiderate, ask to be teman-ed lor.

    1. Sometimes can't help it, we can't always expect someone to teman us all the time. But importantly be ware of your surroundings, try go to places where there are a lot of people la.

  2. Wah, that's really dangerous. It's really a sad case to see our society gets more and more dangerous. :(


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