Biore Facial Foam - Pore and Oil Clear Review

3:20 PM

I got a free sample of Biore's facial foam (newest packaging) -

In the content it says: "Unclogs pores & removes oil. It contains Crushable Beads that unclogs and deeply cleanses pores to remove accumulated impurities and excess oil. It is formulated with Witch Hazel that helps tighten pores, making them less visible to reveal smoother, brighter & oil-free skin. For oily skin."

My Experience:
Before Washing:
I have combination skin, and a lot of white and black heads. So at the end of the day i could actually feel the white heads in my pores as i touch my face, (nose especially). I would get the temptation to squeeze them out! But DO NOT DO THAT, because it will only make your pores BIGGER. So if you have been squeezing, i recommend that you stop.

During Washing:
Wet your face, squeeze a small amount of the Biore Facial Foam on your fingers, and rub in circular motion to create the foam.
During the washing, i could feel the 'Crushable Beads', however the feeling is very mild. I believe the reason is because the beads are really tiny. Which I think it is good enough, because if the beads are bigger or more rough, it is more like a facial scrub instead?

After Wash (The Results):
It does feel smoother like the packaging says, and it did remove the oiliness from my face. My pores feel tighter after wash as well. Though my face feels clean, I can still see some blackheads, which is obvious since I did not extract them (I don't really want to do that cause I know it'll make my pores bigger). This is only my second try, but I'll give this product a few days to weeks and see how well it cleanses my blackheads + once a week of exfoliation with my St. Ives Apricot Scrub and see how it goes.

*I will not rate the product until I've come back with updates. :)

1. It is a pretty decent facial wash. Skin feels clean and smooth, also a little tighter.
2. It is Japan made, and Japan is known for their natural ingredients.
3. It is very affordable. (Around RM6 to 7)
4. It smells nice.


I actually had high hopes for this product seeing that it's from Japan, and Japan is known for 
their natural ingredients. The first time I used it there were no immediate results, so I decided to give it a few more try. I tried this product for about a month and gave it many chances thinking it'll be better later on but it didn't! 

My pores grew larger as well, and I didn't understand why. But anyhow I have stopped using this facial wash and using a different one which is helping my face condition now. 

Effectiveness - 2/5
Scent - 3/5
Repurchase - No

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