Blessed Easter 2012

10:40 PM

Foooooddddd..... so this is what I had for dinner. But before that, I would like to share something:

This year for Good Friday and Easter Sunday gave me a different feeling, something that I've never felt before. I do not know why it took me 22 years to feel this, but all I know is that it felt real.

Good Friday is the day the symbolizes the day Christ was crucified. When I went to church on Friday, during mass I suddenly felt like I was attending a funeral. I could feel the sadness of someone's death, the sorrows of Mary. Before mass ended, the priest showed a short video. At the beginning of the video it was taken from the movie "The Passion of Christ". As much as I wanted to watch the video, I couldn't. Because when I look at the video even just for a few seconds I could feel a gush of tears wanting to flow, but as usual I'll control it and not let it out. So during the first few minutes, I stared elsewhere, on the floor, on the chair. But even so I had to hold in my tears, the presence of Christ being crucified was just so real, like as if he's on the cross in front of me suffering and dying

As for Easter Sunday, today, I could feel life in the church again. What I felt was, all the pain and sufferings that Christ went through, is now healed as he is now in heaven. When father was giving his speech, he mentioned about how Mary Magdalene did not believe that Jesus has risen from the dead, and when she saw him, she fell on his feet and sobbed. When the priest said this, I don't know why but I felt like as if I was Mary Magdalene. For the first time in my life, I could feel that the Good Friday and Easter Sunday is alive and not just a celebration celebrated because of tradition.

Now for the food....
Lamb Shank! Homemade by my mum. She sure did take a whole day to make this. Even before mass she was already preparing. 

She also bought some flowers for Easter. Better snap pictures of them before they die. 

My dinner, Lamb Shank, Rice, Potato, and some vegetables.  

I hope everyone else had a wonderful and blessed easter as well. :) Anyone had Easter Eggs?

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  1. Wow ur mum sure makes a very good lamb shank....
    Looks so delicious..... Can share d recipe?
    Happy Easter....n a good week ahead..

  2. Haha thanks! It was her first time making it too actually. Lol... Happy easter to you too! :)

  3. nothing beats a meal at home and when its lamb shank...even better!

    i found eggs. a whole dozen of them sitting inside my fridge cold and naked:P


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