Christine's birthday @Smoke House Bangsar

11:10 PM

*Warning!! A lot of pictures. :)
So it was my friend, Christine Wong's post birthday celebration. Our plan was to go to The Socials in Bangsar. Our friend Sue Ann already called and made reservations. However when Leanna, Wei Lian, and I (in the car) were looking for parking we saw The Socials looked like they were closing! Then I called Sue Ann and she said apparently they are closed for construction which they did not inform her! With such last minute issue, Sue decided to change the venue to Smoke House, which was just few shops away. 

The decorations here are pretty nice at certain areas.  

We found something interesting in the toilet. :p

I think it's Caesar Salad? About RM13, (taste = average)

French Onion Soup, comes with that bun over there with a bowl of butter. Emmy ordered Garlic Bread cause she didn't think the soup would come with bread. 

Garlic bread looks yummy. Total together with soup and garlic bread was less than RM20. (taste=below average) I thought the same too. Emmy is a really good cook, so you can trust her taste. :)

Roasted Chicken Pasta, can choose between red or white sauce. The white sauce tasted like Carbonara. IT WAS GOOOOD... only RM16! (Taste=above average) and super filling, for me at least. Haha.
Dory Fish Pasta, same as the Roasted Chicken Pasta, difference - it's fish. Price RM16 as well, taste=above average. But I think this pasta with Roasted Chicken taste better. 

Fish and Chips, RM18. (taste=average). Strangely the fries are really good. 

Sue Ann's Devil Chicken. RM20++. She didn't really like it because the chicken was really tough, and kinda tasteless. 

Birthday girl's Roasted Chicken. She said it was okay, but I'm guessing similar to the Devil Chicken.

Time for...PICTURESofUS!
Starting with the birthday girl.

I know... we look so proper, elegant, sophisticated and lady like.

Stealing people's food!

That's it! Food though was not as great, but being able to meet up in a group again, having fun, laughing, and doing stupid things was more important. I love you ALL! <3.

*Thank you Karmun, Sue Ann, and Grace for the pictures.

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