Eye Make Up #002

2:17 AM

IMG_0013 copy

IMG_0014 copy

IMG_0015 copy

IMG_0018 copy

Sometimes when I'm bored, I would randomly try new make up styles, with colours and stuff, snap pictures of it for my collection. The reason why you see only one side of my face is because the make up on the left eye has failed, haha. If you are interested in this eye make up, please drop a comment below. :)

I do not know what to name this one, so i'll just give codes! Lol. 

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  1. :( If i were to draw put on make up on my own, people would think that I have Parkinson's desease. I am terribly bad at doing the eyeshadows and stuff. :( Pathetic, right? :(

    1. No not at all, it's all about practice. :) I was kinda bad at it too at first. :)


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