Fashion Week 2012 @ MidValley (11-22 April 2012)

1:15 AM

April 13, 2012 - Thursday. My friend Lina and I were pretty excited about this year's Fashion Week. Actually I was the one that was really excited, ha ha. So the both of us decided to head to Mid Valley a little earlier to prevent the going through the jam, so we met up at 5.00pm, while the fashion starts at 7.30pm. Check out Lina's blog here.

Because we were there earlier, we managed to see them preparing for the show. Seeing this set up got me really excited. I also managed to get some shots of the place before the crowd came. 

My friend Lina, she's really really cute and bubbly. :) Had so much fun with her yesterday.

7.00pm- The place is slowly being filled.

7.30pm- The show is about to start. 

Opening Performance- Elecoldxhot. 
The dance performance was amazing, gotta watch them dance! They were the winner for The Showdown 2011. Check out one of their performance below. :)

The two hosts for the night. Sorry was having terrible cramps, missed out their names.

Check out the crowd.

Fashion Show begins, introducing the A-Z Accessories. 

Out of all the beautiful models present, I only knew Chelsia Ng and Diane Charlene.

Woooo! For Chelsia Ng, I really like her, she's really sweet. Met her before at the Bosch Showcase for Electro Voice. She's friendly. :)

Dianne Charlene... and the rest of the other tall and gorgeous models.

When the two hosts were introducing the models by name, Chelsia Ng sweetly smiled and waved. In fact she was the only one that waved. 

So ladies and gentlemen, the Fashion Week of 2012 is from 11th to 22nd April and you don't want to miss it! Due to my horrible cramps on that night, I was very unsatisfied that as I did not manage to experience the whole show and take loads of pictures! So yes I'll be going for this AGAIN. 

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  1. the stage is really nice! and i love the clothes the model wearing! :D

  2. @isaac - :)
    @xue ren - yeah the launch was awesome. :)
    @camy - I know! The stage is glamorous... sadly they were showing off the accessories instead of the clothes. :)


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