Graduation Party 2012 - HELP University

9:45 PM

22nd April 2012, Sunday-This year the graduation party was held at Peninsular Hotel, but the initial plan was another hotel, due to some of their personal reasons, we had to change venue. Though it was a super last minute thing, but it's great that we still managed to get a room.

After 3 years of last minute assignments and studying + meeting great people, having fun skipping classes, doing projects together, the 3 years have been really fun including the stressful moments. Life in college is the best, because we get to meet people, have fun, and it isn't as stressful as work.  What I love about uni life is the time flexibility. In schools it is fixed Mon-Fri, same as work, whereas college every semester has different timetable and it is more flexible. 

Sadly to say, it is has now come to an end. Not for me, but for my friends who have graduated. (I still left with Thesis, hehe). I am definitely going to miss my uni friends, though I can still keep in touch and hang with them, but it just wont be the same. 

Enough talking about that, now it's time to talk about the fun we had last night! Brandon got a DJ from Rootz to spin for us last night, music was pretty good. There were over 12 bottles of whiskey, plus many cans of beers, a bottle of red wine, and some other kind of beers. 

Lina, Sue Ann, and I were dancing the whole time when Lina was still around. After Lina left, no one danced with me... sad... but it's okay I had fun chit chatting and continue drinking too. But I had a fun time dancing with Lina and Sue sue. :)

We just spent our night-morning relaxing, chatting, having fun, drinking, and de-stress for those who have been stressed out. 

Nelson, known him since were 15. 

Leanna's hair is so cool... she did the side shave thing again. 

Hamid(red tie) and his friend. 

Linaaa... :)

The door is so tall, the both of us look so short in this picture, haha!

Rizuan and Brandon (The host)


Jessica Jane Funk, such a cool name, HAHA and Helene.

Look at Leanna's hair! She looks gorgeous. 

Khairul and Kamles



Vickey and Khairul

Party was from 7pm to 7am, some of us stayed till 7ish am. My plan was to stay over at Sue Ann's place. But since we stayed till the next morning, I decided to just go home and sleep. I felt super dehydrated and tired, a feeling that I don't wanna feel for some time now. Feels like shit. Haha and I was craving for Nasi Lemak the whole night! Lol... 

*There are more pictures, but are P&C. :P

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  1. Lina & Apan looks familiar...are they from TTDI school? Hahahah...

  2. Oh, I think Apan either from DU school but knows a few people from TTDI. He looks very familiar. Haha, damn small world! :D

  3. Ohmaigawd brandon's so sexy!
    oh and you look great too dear.

    1. Make sure you grab his ass when you see him. Hehehe thank you.

  4. College life really good...
    Oh boy boy I miss it so much..

    1. Right? Hahaha i'm so gonna miss it too when I leave uni for good.


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