It's The End of the World, Now Run Screaming Play @ Publika

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18 April 2012, Wednesday - I'm sure some of you have heard about this or received an invitation via Facebook. There are in total of five plays. The title "End of the World" got my attention as I was curious of what creativity will be brought to the table by scriptwriters and directors.
My friend Will Beale is the scriptwriter for the first play, and my friends and I went to support.

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The turn up for the play was pretty good, it was 8.15pm and people were already waiting to enter. The entry was at 8.30pm. Actually it was a full house from what I could see. 

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At 8.30pm people were walking in impatiently. They weren't exactly pushing, no that would be really rude. But I could see the impatient and excitement in their faces. 

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Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to snap pictures during the play, so this is all I could get. But in a way it was kinda a good thing, so that I could focus on the play more. From the picture, the stage is in the center, and the crowd is where I was sitting at, the people opposite me, and there's one more on the left side. On the right is the backstage. 

The first play(The Last Day)
Which the script was written by my friend Will, was pretty good. However you will need to pay full attention to what they have to say. It was filled with emotions and it was a little intense.  

The second play(If a Fat Girl Falls in a Forest, Do the Trees Laugh?)
Which was right after the first play, I put myself in their shoes and I felt like shit. But the second play has a little humor. 

The third play(Woodworm)
For this play you have to really listen to what they are saying as well, but personally for me I was not really attracted to the story line or the way it was directed. 

The fourth play(Here Comes Tomorrow)
Actors and actresses were pretty good for this play as they fit well for their characters. Story was easy to understand, interesting as well. 

The fifth play(Forgiveness)
Story line was unique and creative. It was attention grabbing due to the acting style.

Dancing scenes
The dance is more of contemporary ballet. Personally for me the dance wasn't great, and I was waiting for them to do something amazing that normal people couldn't. But they didn't really do much, for someone who loves to dance, I expected more. 

But then again, the main focus is on the play. However I kinda like one of the dancers, don't know her name, but she's a student of my ex lecturer that Nelson and I bumped into, Ms. Brenda! Really miss having her around, she's one of my favourite lecturers. 

*There are some foul languages and a little obscenity, just in case if you were thinking of bringing your kids, siblings, etc.

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Chloe and I. She is Will's sister, and a very good friend of mine :)

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So check them out at Blackbox, Publika. It is near the Bee Cafe. They will be around till 21st April only so go tonight! At 8.30pm, Adults RM20, students RM15.

My favourite plays for the night was the 3rd and 4th one. Go and watch the plays, and let me know which one is your favourite. :)


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  1. wow. i never heard of this tho..outdated me...;/
    the game looksss sooo fun!!! Stil available?

    1. Hahah it's not a game, it's a play. Yeap available till 21st April.


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