Movie Review: Street Dance 2

12:47 AM

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Casts: George Sampson, Tom Conti, Falk Hentschel, Sofia Butella, Stephanie Nguyen, James Michael Rankin, Ella Wragg, Joanna Jeffrees, Lee Craven, Akai Osei-Mansfield, etc.
Duration: 85 Mins

The Story
The movie started of with Ash, the main character as a Pop Corn Boy selling pop corns, but he is also a dancer who never got far or "invisible". Ash embarrasses himself at a dance battle and cause of that he met Eddie, who wants to be Ash's manager. Eddie convinced Ash to create a crew and compete, and they started traveling around looking for talented dancers. The movie took place in United Kingdom. This movie shows that dance is from the heart, not mind. 

My Thoughts
I love the dance moves, but the story line wasn't great. There were few times where I felt like fast forwarding . I love love love how they mixed the choreography with Salsa and Tango. The Salsa choreography that I saw from this movie is the best Salsa choreography I've ever seen (I used to dance Salsa). Not only the choreo was good, but the dancers danced so well and sexily, there was attitude in there. The mixture of Free Style/Break dance with Latin dances is unique and well done in this movie. In conclusion, story line not great, dance moves I LOVE

Rating: 2.5/5
*I would rewatch this at home, but only to watch the dance scenes.
*Thank you Churp Churp for the tickets. 

Check out the trailer :)

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