Say What You Want To Say, Say What You Will - Showcase @ Publika

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29 April 2012 - The first thing that I would like to say is,the weather is damn hot! Yesterday was the showcase launch of AN HONEST MISTAKE's second album at The Square, PUBLIKA. The launching did not focus on the band alone, instead they were accompanied by acoustic performances by other bands/singer song writers and Fashion Bazaars

The acoustic performances started from 2pm till 5pm with Ryan Lucas Tan, Jenn Shia @ So. I'm Jenn, Skyward (Ming H.) & Charis Ow, Isabella Wong, Ten Thousand Talents, and ATM (Students of Lim Kok Weng University).

Boutiques that were involved in the Fashion Bazaar were:

Un-Masqued, Popcorn Place, Nude Not, The Child Like Empress, Awesome Mustache Shop, Crystaliciousales, Pieces of Love, i Love Candy Kisses, Little Miss Q, LOVCA, Dovey-Lovey, Hangover Wardrobe, Arrogant Minnie, Ficole Enterprise, Project Swissify, Call Me Diiyn, Classic Lover, Back To Nature, La-Bella Wardrobe, Anonymous, Paparazzi Apparel, The iCover Shop, See Saw Boutique, GERM BAND, Chasseurdereve, Beadxels Pixelotts, Pre-Loved Goods and more.

The album showcase+live performances started from 5pm till 9pm with "Hello, Is This The Band?", Darren Ashley, AN HONEST MISTAKE, and ended with DJ Faith spinning her mix. 

They did however recapture the audience's attention. During their whole performance Leonard the guitarist and the violinist, Danny New appeared at the back of the audience as my picture shows. 
About half of the crowd ran towards the back, some climbed up and danced with Leonard, as picture shows. 

The music was overall pretty catchy and really not bad, however other than the performances, the event was pretty dull especially with the Fashion Bazaar. Nothing from the Bazaars got my attention. Some of the stuff looked pretty similar to other shops, seemed like the shops were selling about the same stuff. 

Saw Dennis Lau there along with Jinny Boy and Reuben Kang, also a friend of my bf who's also in a band Car Crash Heart.

The guy in the yellow shirt is really funny. 

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