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15 April 2012, Sunday - I was given a great opportunity by a Blogger friend of mine Tony, to attend a "live cooking demonstration" at One Utama Shopping Centre. This live cooking demonstration was organized under Dave's Bistro Bar and Grill, same row as Carl's Junior and also same owner for Dave Deli.

The cooking demonstration done by the Chef Darren Chin, who is the winner of The 9th Delifrance Sandwich World Cup 2012; and Chef Hubert Ly, who works for the Patisserie Nicolas Benarde, Paris. Chef Hubert Ly is from Paris. 

Untitled-8 copy

The cooking demonstration started off with Chef Darren Chin, sharing his "World's Best Sandwich" A Vietnamese-French inspired banh mi sandwich; Lamb Loin stuffed with basil and candied lemon zest.

One thing unique about Chef Darren is that you can see his passion in cooking, how gentle he is while he handles the food for cooking etc. He does not just choose any type of vegetables or other ingredients, instead he is very particular, and he would go all out finding the perfect type of vegetables for example. 

Chef Darren explained to us how to cook the meat. Interestingly, he used either a cling wrap or some kind of plastic to wrap the whole thing till like a sausage. After that he puts the wrapped lamb in the hot pot of water for boiling. His reason of doing this is to prevent the meat from shrinking, just like how when we fry bacon, they shrink due to the fats and oil. 

There is a specific temperature for the meat before putting it in the pot. 

Chef Darren then showed us another of his cuisine. He made a total of three dishes that day. He adds water to prevent the meat from sticking to the pan, which I do not understand how, but that's how he does it. 

The World's Best Sandwich

Untitled-6 copy
Chef Darren allowed us to smell the ingredients.

Untitled-5 copy

Remember the meat that was wrapped and put inside the pot? He took it out and cut it. 

Untitled-7 copy
Look! There's a face. I thought it was cute.

Untitled-4 copy
He is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking, even food decorations. 

After a long demonstration, we had a short break. Being surrounded by food James and I were pretty hungry, and funny that there's a bakery nearby. 

Next demonstration. by Chef Hubert Ly, he looks Asian but he speaks French quite fluently. He demonstrated in English, however it is obvious that he is more fluent in French. So for Chef Hubert, he demonstrated on baking. 

Untitled-9 copy
Butter in the pan.

Untitled-10 copy
Pouring butter inside a bowl of flour and sugar. The mixing should start from the center, and slowly mix the rest of the flour. He advised us not to just mix everything in. 

Untitled-11 copy
Then he pours the mixture into the bag which I do not know what  it's called, but you get the idea. I think his assistant is his sister?

Untitled-14 copy

Untitled-13 copy
In this picture, he's teaching us how to make cream for the top of the cake. The orange thing helps make the mixture fluffy. Then he showed us that it is very easy to draw or create stuff when you have that green bag below.

Untitled-12 copy
I would like to apologize for not giving much information for this cooking demonstration. There was just too much to remember, and I don't have a very good memory, adding that I was hungry at that time. Speaking of being hungry at that time, Chef Darren let us try his lamb during the pastries demonstration.
Untitled-18 copy
IT IS AWESOME!!!! And then later on we went inside and tried the food on the table. Kind of creative to decorate the food on the table like this. Though my content may not be informative, but I hope the pictures were. :)

Untitled-15 copy
We took pictures with the two amazing chefs. :)
Untitled-16 copy

Untitled-17 copy

YUMMY! For the sandwich I was wondering how amazing can a sandwich actually taste? I'm so glad I stayed all the way because the sandwich was delicious. I've never tried a sandwich with such unique and delicious taste before, and the lamb was my favourite. :)

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  1. Nice shots! Thanks for joining us and blogging about it =) LOCKOUT movie review.

  2. wow seems like everyone also went there! anyway i like ur header banner! haha the escape like so bergaya! haha

  3. wow... you get to take a lot of pics ehh!!;D

    1. Hahah yeah I did.. so many until i had to edit the pictures.

  4. aww i didnt getta take any picture with them :(

    Latest: Of Pasta and Salad

    1. Awww... and omgosh I thought you looked familiar. Haha... now i remember. :)

  5. should be very fun ya...
    I like sandwiches .. easy, simple n healthy..

    1. Yeap but this sandwich isn't as simple as the usual sandwich.. Lol...haha


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