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So last year my friend and I bought a voucher from Groupon for Manicure+Pedicure+Callus Removal for RM39.00. Last Friday, we made appointment and when we first got there, we didn't know it was a Boutique+Nail Spa, so when we saw a boutique, we continue walking upstairs until there was nowhere to go. Went back down and looked into the boutique, that's when I saw some nail art samples. 

Their clothes are actually not bad in quality, and price is pretty average like any other boutiques. Some of the stuff are quite nice, might actually go back there to shop for dresses. :)

When we got there they were still doing the mani pedi for other customers, so while waiting we just looked at the clothes, and I took some pictures.

Their Current Promotion

Our Mani+Pedi Session

My Pedicure Designs

My Review
Okay, my friend and I thought that the choices for the nail art for our pedicure were kind of limited. I actually expected them to show us the types of nail arts through pictures and we choose from there. But we had to choose from this metal thing where the designs are engraved on it. For our big toes, we only can put one design. If you look at my toes, there are still so much space and I could have added more designs on it, but i'm not allowed to. 

There were also limited staffs, only two of them handling this hence our 60 mins mani pedi became 1.5 to 2 hours. There is one Chinese lady, whom I assume is the person in charge, and another Malay lady. The Chinese lady was good, whereas the Malay lady seemed a little lack of experience? When she paste the nail art on my friend's toe, she couldn't do it properly saying that colour wouldn't come off the metal nail art, and had to remove the mistake with nail polish remover.

When she was painting my toes, the nail polish was kind of dry-ish thick, therefore the outcome wasn't as smooth. The Malay lady did not do anything about it until the person in charge told her it's too thick, need to add the nail polish remover to liquidize it. 

Maybe I was misled by the Groupon Promotion, but in the Groupon page they showed really pretty nail arts, not like this at all. In fact they showed the nail arts like this ones.  Maybe Groupon  was not really informed about this too, knowing them such mistakes as these are something Groupon would want to prevent. 

Overall my experience with Vogue Spa is pretty okay, but I'm not happy with the limited choices and for not knowing the basic knowledge for nail polish. Even I would've known if the nail polish is too thick or dried up a little, and do something about it. 

Service: 2.5/5
Quality: 2/5
Revisit: Not for mani pedi

*My friend and I are actually glad that we did not pay full price for this. 

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