Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

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Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Braided hairstyle
For a Night Out: Boost a Basic Braid
Make this style sultry for evening by creating a messy side part and weaving your hair into a braid tucked behind one ear. Start braiding at the top of your head, working down along your hairline. Tuck bobby pins along the edges to secure it. Finish with a mist of hair spray, like Dove Style+Care Strength&Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Ponytail hairstyle
For a Twist on the Ponytail: Loop It Up
To get this pulled-together look, part your hair down the middle and pull your strands into a sleek, low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Form a tight loop, wrapping the end of the ponytail over the top of the base and then underneath it to conceal the ponytail elastic, and pin it in place. Lightly spritz your locks all over with a shine-enhancing mist for a healthy sheen.

Bouncy blowout
Let Your Hair Down: Get a Bouncy Blowout
Key to this swingy blow-dry are wavy ends. With your head upside down, apply a root-boosting spray, beneath the top layers of your hair and blow-dry with a paddle brush. To boost body, tease hair in two-inch sections at the roots and wrap each around a two-inch Velcro roller. Let your hair cool completely, then remove the rollers and shake out your strands.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Teased ponytail
For a Twist on the Ponytail: Reach New Heights
Power up your pony by dividing the hair at your crown into three sections. Lightly brush them from front to back, teasing each part for maximum lift. Leaving the teased portion free, pull the rest of your strands into a high ponytail. Rake the teased hair into a small ponytail right above the other one and then wrap an elastic around both ponies. Spray ends with a lightweight texturizer and scrunch with your fingers.

Smooth curly hair
Let Your Hair Down: Score Smooth Curls
Apply a serum through the ends of damp hair. Next, run a dollop of mousse through the lengths. Flip your head upside down and blow-dry, tousling as you go. For sleek waves: Moving away from your face, twist one-inch pieces around a one-and-a-quarter-inch curling iron held vertically.

Undone updo hairstyle
For a Night Out: Get an Undone Updo
For a pinned-back look that's boho, not bridal party, create a side part and pull your hair into a side pony, letting loose strands frame your face. Wind the ponytail into a bun and fasten it with pins. Spritz the portion of loose hair with wave spray drape it over the bun and secure it with pins. Let a couple of tendrils fall around your face.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Loose ringlets
Let Your Hair Down: Loosen Up Your Ringlets
Score this supereasy do by applying a liberal amount of a silicone-based product through your strands to help the brush glide through. Moving in layers, starting at the nape of the neck and working upward, use a ball-tipped cushion brush to gently loosen your curls. The ball tips on the brush are easy on your hair. Fluff the curls with your fingers

Pony-Bun hybrid hairstyle
For a Twist on the Ponytail: Try a Pony-Bun Hybrid
If your ponytail tends to look poufy, incorporate the strand-taming qualities of a bun. Pull the bottom section of your hair at the back of your head into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Next, take both of the sections on the sides and cross them at the top of the base of the ponytail and then pin underneath to secure. Leave the remaining curls free and loose for a laid-back effect.

Twist hairstyle
For a Night Out: Do the Twist
This sophisticated style appears intricate but is actually a cinch. Make a side part and divide the hair at the top of your head into two sections. Beginning at the hairline, twirl each half up and toward the back of your head until you reach the middle, pinning from above. Join together the loose twists in the back and fasten the ends with pins under the coil. Play with positioning it lower or higher, according to your preference.

*Taken from Fitness Magazine.

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  1. Silicones are a no-no for curly hair! They eventually build up and weigh curls down. The only way to get them out is to use a sulfate based shampoo, which strips curls of their natural moisture, causing frizz... yikes!

    1. Haha i'm not really sure about curly hairs, cause i don't have them. This is taken from fitness magazine. :)


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