Health and Wellness Week @ The Curve, with Love Fay

12:37 AM

It is Health and Wellness week! James is a fan of Fay Hokulani, so when he found out that she would be at the Curve for this event, he wanted to go to Curve just to get the opportunity to take a picture with her, and introduce his "Second girlfriend" to me. When we got there it was 1pm, and that time we thought she was gone, as she was nowhere to be seen. We woke up, got ready and went to Curve without breakfast, so after checking she's no where to be found James went to buy some buns and suddenly there was an announcement and we heard Fay's name. So thank God cause she was still around. Then we heard her voice, she was teaching some work out tips.
Fay said that this workout band follows her wherever she goes, and she explained her workout techniques as the trainers from Fitness First demonstrated. The first workout I forgot what it's called, but it requires you to go on you knees, hold the band like the picture, and bend backward-forward. 

The next workout is a squat. Hold the band like the picture above, go into a squat position, then you stand up and extend one leg to the side like the picture below.
Next was the Biceps Curl. The band has three types: from easy to tougher ones. Once you're used to the easy band, you will need to get the medium band. 

After the demo, Fay said: If you think this looks easy, I would like 2 volunteers to come up and try them. I quickly turned my back hoping they won't choose me and the next thing I know I felt hands on my arms... and I was like NONONONO, and pushed James to go instead. 

There he was.... on stage.... next to Fay... :)

And so he did them all. If it were me... HAHAHAHA. 

Biceps curl
Lateral raise, you pull upwards side way till shoulder level. 

And he is done. Fay said to him that he was really working out there, because he was really sweating.
When he came back down, I asked if it was tough. James said it's kinda challenging and pretty effective. SO I WANNA BUY THE BAND! Since I workout at home anyways and I'm lack of equipment. 

After that we took pictures with her and the other trainers.
He even got her autograph on the magazine (from the goodie bag for participation). He was a little Star Struck that time, so he looks kinda dreamy here. 
I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I think she's very attractive. HAHA. 

After snapping pictures, we went to eat. Actually I went to eat, he accompanied me, since he had his bun earlier. On the way back I wanted to check the price of the band so we went back to the center court and we saw kids performing. The gymnasts were REALLY CUTE until I forgot to take a picture. Next came the cheerleaders dancing to High School Musical songs.  

We were told RM30+. but I want to go to the shop to double confirm because James said the person who told him seemed unsure. 

So yeap, I met James' second girlfriend today. :)

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