LG 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch @ GSC Signature, Gardens

12:31 AM

23rd May 2012 - Bloggers and Medias were invited to the LG 3D Smart TV Launch at GSC Signatures, Gardens. We were each given a pair of 3D glasses as we entered. The 3D glasses are really nice.

LG Electronics launched their latest line-up of CINEMA 3D Smart Tvs with new and upgraded 3D technologies that enables a smoother and more immersive 3D viewing, together with the most extensive, but easy to use, Smart TV eco-system composed of wider 3D content selections - 20 premium content services and 450 Smart TV apps.

LG CINEMA 3D Technology is more engaging, comfortable and limitless 3D viewing experience. The highlighted enhancements to the new Cinema 3D Smart TVs are led by optimal 3D viewing conditions enabled by technological advancements as well as new product design. - Cinema SCREEN design. LG has reduced the width of the border, to negligible levels, or to almost zero bezel. Due to that, obstructions have been removed hence deliver a ultimate simplicity and most immersive CINEMA 3D viewing experience reminiscent of an actual movie cinema.

Because LG uses the FPR-film patter retarder technology, is it battery-free, has light weight glasses, and users can watch countless 3D content for hours without feeling discomfort. Great TV comes with great responsibilities, the LG comes with the new CINEMA 3D glasses for 2012! Three elegant models are available, and the 2012 3D glasses are 20% lighter than the previous one, hence increased in comfort for longer viewing pleasure.

The latest and most exciting development is LG's next generation premium 3D content service called 3D World. 3D World offers high quality 3D content across numerous content categories such as entertainment, sports, documentary, kids, lifestyle, travel, fashion, or any other interest.

The action scenes in sports become more dynamic and exciting, documentaries more realistic, educational videos in the kids' category more captivating.

So cute the kid trying to touch what's not there. HAHA! (Ish laughing at people, I did the same thing that night) - The premium and local content, K-POP zone is included, that features a host of music videos, video clips and music from popular K-POP artists for fans to enjoy! - I see Super Junior.

Dual Play is the solution for an ultimate experience in war games. With LG's Dual Play function and the special Dual Play glasses, gamers can now enjoy dual-play games on a CINEMA 3D Smart TV without having to split the screen.

Basically in the normal screen when you play a two players game, the screen is either divided into half vertically or horizontally. With this LG Dual Play, you have the whole screen to yourself by wearing the glasses!

This is what Player B will see.

This is what Player A will see. Basically it's the same guy, but just different scenes!

The new 3D visual technology, 3D Depth control allows users to adjust the depth, or the distance between the on-screen objects, of a 3D movie or TV show they are watching. With that, users will be able to enjoy a more comfortable 3D viewing experience.

3D Audio - Thanks to LG's 3D Sound Zooming, it generates 3D sound that is synchronised with the display, by that you will not only be watching 3D, but you'll feel like you are in the game, tv show, movie, etc.

Thanks to the enhancements of the magic remote, LG's Smart TV will remain user friendly. The Magic Remote now features voice control, alowing users to simply speak their commands, instead of pressing buttons to navigate.

Whether 3D or Smart TV, LG's 2012 CINEMA 3D TVs offer the best in terns of quality as well as user convenience and experience.

After looking around at all the TVs, games were provided for bloggers to win themselves great prizes including the TV itself!

They also had a Tweeting contest where a question is given, and people tweet the answer on twitter tagging LG.

The last event of the night was giving out the prizes and also photo sessions.
Calling all the winners!

I really love the glasses, unfortunately we couldn't keep it. :(

I was a little disappointed with the launch as I expected people to guide us to each of the TV models to explain further about the products. I understand that at each station, people are placed there to explain to us, however out of all the TV stations I went to, the only person that explained to me was the Dual-Play station. For a launch, there weren't much information or explanation on the new LG models. But anyhow it was an experience for me. :)

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