Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman 2012

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Time: 127 minutes
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Release Date: 31st May 2012
Director: Rupert Sanders
Casts: Kristen Steward, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Sam Claffin, Brian Gleeson, and more

A story line written based on Disney's Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, but less romance, more action and adventure. Like the normal Snow White, the Queen wants her dead. But this time she wants something that belong to Snow White that can help the queen become immortal. (SPOILERS)The huntsman, Chris Hemsworth was supposed to bring Snow White back to the Queen in return for his wife, but an incident happened and since that incident he started protecting Snow White instead(SPOILERS-end). The whole movie is basically like that but a little more dramatic, or action-ish than the usual fairy tale. 

My thoughts

Firstly, I thought the queen was prettier, no offense to Kristen, I mean I think she's pretty attractive too. I also think that they chose the wrong actress to play Snow White. It's not that she's not pretty or fair enough, but she does not have that pure and innocent kind of look a Snow White should have. An example of people that has the pure and innocent face would be the girl who played Alice in Wonderland. 

Since this movie isn't Twilight, I thought maybe this time her acting would be different too! I heard that the way she acts in Twilight is how she really is. Well definitely a slight difference there, but most of the time her facial expression is pretty much the same in most of the scenes. One of the last scenes reminded me of another scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn... Lol. At some scenes the movie felt a little draggy to me, well whenever I feel like I want to fast forward means it's draggy to me. :p

The action scenes such as the fighting and all I personally think it's quite good, but i wasn't very happy about the ending. But I do like how the Snow White in this movie isn't a typical girl who only sings, I like how this Snow White actually tries to fight. Oh yeah this movie reminded me of Fa Mu Lan a little as well.Though the overall movie was actually pretty good, but I am not wow-ed by it. If you are wondering if this movie is worth watching in Cinema, I would say it's okay. If you watch at the Cinema you won't feel total loss, but watching at the Cinema will not be great either. 

Wooo... he's sexy and he knows it. Still prefer him in Thor and Avengers, but he's still so fine here. :p

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