OLYMPUS EP3.... I Want it!

12:06 AM

So on Wednesday night I met up with Benjamin, Jackie, and Kah Mon for dinner. It was actually my first time really sitting down and having a conversation with them, except for Ben. Before we met up, I was chatting on FB with Jackie about the Olympus EP3 that I kinda fell in love with. So he brought his extra lenses and the EP3 for me to try. Thanks Jackie. :)

Such a beauty. Please excuse that HUGE lense, that's just his other lenses. The camera comes with kit lense which is this picture. 

Even with that lense I think for me should be enough. I THINK.

So just to show you the difference between my Compact and the Mirror-less.

Please excuse the colour difference, because i kind of edited the pictures from the Compact colour and the Olympus, at that time I set it a lil darker than normal to test the shutter speed. 

But what is obvious is the sharpness and clearness of the picture. 

And the rest of the pictures by the OLYMPUS EP3 (I WANT IT!)

The pictures would've looked  better if it was brighter.... I kept playing with the camera to see the clearness till i forgot to set the ISO back.

I like how the camera focuses on one thing instead of everything-like the Compact Camera.

After playing with Jackie's camera, when i looked at mine, I thought... man... my camera pictures are so blur. 

So yeah I gotta wait till the price drop and till I get my laptop first before I can afford this lovely camera. :(

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