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On May 9, 2012 I was invited to the launch of "See What Philips Lighting Can Do For The Home" at Publika.

Philips introduces a new wave in lighting design which are energy efficient, highly affordable offering superior lighting experience and a lifetime of comfort. Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) announced the next generation of stylish luminaries and innovative lighting systems for Malaysian homes - home interiors, ambient or accent and even outdoors. The launches were in line with the company’s vision to enable masses to experience the benefits of a superior lighting option.

The new line up for the year was showcased to more than three hundred people through a runway show displaying the new and unique designs as well as through five(5) experiential zones created to represent the varying lifestyle Malaysians favour for their homes.

Runway Show Displaying the New & Unique Designs

According to Mr Vennila Rajamanickam, General Manager, Philips Lighting Malaysia, “Philips, a leader in lighting, has combined research with advanced technology and a profound understanding of people’s needs to create products that are meaningful and affordable. The bulb held by My Vennila is the award winning LED bulb.

The new Philips LED Lighting is trying to show you that you do not need new furniture to change the look of your home, instead you just need a little change in the lights; whether it is the design of the lights, the tone of the lights, or the colour of the lights. Therefore, the 2012 new range of lighting solutions offers homeowners the inspiration to create the right ambiance at home and makes it easy for people to personalize their home even more, by designing and implementing their own lighting scenarios whilst being energy efficient.”

After the runway and speech, we were given a tour around to each displayed rooms to have a closer look and to experience the new Philips LED Lights. 

Timesless Classic

This collection is created to relive the old world, luxurious environment, yet has refinement and relevance to the modern times. creating an atmosphere of elegance, formality and detail.

Modern Living

The collection featured Modern Living an an announcement of quality. With clean lines, clear surfaces and pure shapes, it speaks of minimalism. Each model is a strong statement of simplicity and purity.

In this picture, we asked to off all the lights, leaving only one light to measure the brightness. Based from this picture, even with one light, it was quite bright. For me, this lighting is kind of romantic. :)

Contemporary Chic

The collection featured is designed to create natural and soothing atmosphere of ease and relaxation at home, to deliver a simple, uncomplicated experience, harmonious yet practical.

We also asked to turn off all the lights for this section leaving only the garden lights on to measure the brightness. In my opinion while I was at the event, I thought the garden lights were pretty bright. 

Vibrant Expressions
The collection featured created a tangible change of scenery that adapts to the occasions or with your moods. With unusual material, forms and creative patterns that are functional yet amusing. 

Heritage Redefined

The collection is created for people who want to design their space around people. The luminaries are decorated with ornamentation and details inspired by traditional symbols. 

Despite being surrounded with many lights in this room display, I did not feel the heat from the lights.

Other than Philips Lighting being just "lights", I was shown some really creative and cool lights for decorations as well! 
From the left to right, the two cute deco lights are the same one. All you need to do is just shake them and they will change colour! I thought it was kinda cool. To switch if off, turn it upside down.

So me, being ME.... I played with it. :p

Another thing that I thought was cute was the candle light. It is safe and works like a candle. So when your house has no electricity, you could probably use this temporarily. Of course this can also be used for a romantic dinner. ;)

This is a night light, especially for kids. In the middle of the night when they need to go to the toilet, they can just pick this up and carry it to the bathroom. The purpose of the invention was for that. 

I also like this lighting display candle. Basically the reason why I like all the decorations and props is because I like candle lights, but candle lights aren't very safe, so if I could buy this as a substitute to decorate my room I would!

One thing i've noticed about the lights is that they are bright but at the same time not as glaring as normal lights.

Not only has Philips shared with us their creative and pretty lights, they also offered to change your lights of ONE ROOM for FREE!

All you need to do is join their contest!
To win one of these six Lightovers for your home, please send your entry to The entry should include the following:
a) 3 digital photos of a room, no more than 2MB in size per photo in JPG or JPEG format
b) In 50 words or less why a Lightover can transform your home
c) “Like” us on Facebook and set the image of your home with you holding a “Philips Lightover” sign in it as your Facebook profile picture.
d) Personal particulars: Name, email address, contact number, residential address of the home being submitted for contest, type of home (condo, semi-D, bungalow, etc.), number of residents in the home and age.

For more information, on Philips Lighting in Malaysia, please visit or

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