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2:25 AM

Hello peeps! How was everyone's weekend? Well mine was pretty tiring on Saturday, as I had a function to attend in the morning, as well as the evening till night! I came home and straight away showered and got ready to go out again on Saturday. So yeah it was a pretty rushing Saturday for me. On Sunday, which was a few hours ago, I went church with my family and went for dinner after. 

Sin Lai Ping has been around for a very long time, well at least since I was a kid. I used to go there whether to eat there or buy back their Fried Rice. I've always loved their Fried Rice. Sin Lai Ping is a coffee shop in the morning serving hawker food, and a big fry/tai chau in the evening till night. So during the day they are just the normal coffee shop with many stalls serving different kinds of food such as Wan Tan Mee, Curry Laksa, and so on. In the evening is when they serve big fry food like dishes, fried rice, hokkien mee, and more. 

So just now we ordered four dishes, and there were five of us.

No idea what this vegetable is called, but those who eat Chinese food often i believe you guys would know. (3/5)

Butter Chicken Ribs, I love this. Love the sauce especially, it has Chilli Padi in the sauce but it is not spicy. However I know we ordered Chicken Ribs, but it is really Ribs, as in not much meat. This kind of thing usually have to depend on luck, sometimes you more the more meaty parts sometimes you don't. (3.5/5) 

We were quite surprised that they served with food, because before this they didnt unless we ordered soup.

This is like egg tofu? Don't know what it's called in English. (3/5)

This is like egg with some minced meat inside. (2.5/3)

So there were a total of 5 plates of rice, with these four dishes. The total was RM58.
About RM11.60 each which is quite reasonable especially you get a balanced meal with vegetables and meat. 

Food Quality: 3/5
Service: 3.5
Overall: 3/5

If you love this kind of food, this place is a must try for you if you have not already. :)

No.16, Lorong Ara Kiri 3,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar
016 221 7313 / 012 372 7301
(Closed every alternate Sunday)

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