A Letter to Adam - Happy Father's Day

9:52 PM

Today is Father's day, though i'm kinda late in posting about this day, better late than never. Father's day should not be the only day where we pay more attention to our fathers, instead everyday should be like fathers' day. I know this is what many people say, but how many people actually walk the talk?

Today was a pretty sad day for me and my family because my father is no longer around. When we were at church just now, the priest called up all the fathers to the front for blessing, and they sang a song specially written for fathers' day. I could not bare to look at the lyrics and understand them because i knew i would cry.

Anyhow, it is often when our loved ones leave us only we would realize how much they mean to us. In short, taking people for granted. To those of you whose dads are sitting on the couch reading papers, or watching television, etc... take a good look at him, learn to spend more time with him and appreciate him everyday. To those whose dads are no longer around, it it's okay to miss him, and to just talk to him once in a while, from your heart; remember to pray for his soul too.

Finally, enjoy a short video for Fathers' Day made by my friend and his production, Reelway Studio. Like their page! :)

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