Williams @ Taman Mayang, Part 2!

2:49 AM

Two good friends of mine, Chloe and Will Beale's sister, Maddie came down to KL from Singapore. We went almost all the malls in PJ and KL which include, 1Utama, Digital Mall, Tropicana Mall, and Amcorp Mall. James suggested that we take Maddie to try Williams!

We ordered Watermelon Juice, Watermelon Special, Black Coffee, and Ribena Longan Special (I think). I would suggest you to get the Watermelon special because they cost the same as the Watermelon Juice, RM4.

Time for the FOOD! Looking at the burgers and the penne makes me hungry! :(

Beef burger which we ordered in the first post, can check it out here: http://josarinechoong.blogspot.com/2012/02/williams-taman-mayang-kelana-jaya.html

This time we all shared the food cause the last time we couldn't finish. Can you imagine? 2 dishes shared among 5 of us?  This time i got to try the burger and bacon, and the patty is really rich and delicious. I think this is about RM35 if i'm not mitaken. - 4/5

Penne Butter Prawns, around RM20. Has the spice taste, a little spicy as well but delicious. They were generous with the prawns too for RM20 - 5 prawns. - 3.5/5

So this was a short update of the new dishes we tried at Williams! Maddy said that the food from Williams were really good and she was satisfied. Well i'm pretty sure she wasn't lying because she looked pretty happy and satisfied that night. :) 

Right next to the old Lim Kok Wing
Taman Mayang Jaya 
47301 Petaling Jaya

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