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So last Saturday my friend Carmen Lim and I went for a 90 minutes of Full Detox Treatment + Lymphatic Drainage Massage + Ginger Tummy Massage + Air Spa + Body Analysis for only RM39 (ilovediscounts.my). Seeing what i just typed here, it looks like a really good deal right? Only RM39 for all of the above. My friend and I were really excited because we wanted to detox, i mean the air that we breathe everyday, facing our computers most of the time, the detox would really help.

So i will explain to you the procedure of how it works(ed), and my experience. 

First, they interviewed me of my daily lifestyle such as what time do I eat my breakfast, what time do I sleep, how often do i face the computer, you get the flow. I thought it was really good that they actually ask all this stuff, it is like getting to know your body before proceeding with the treatment. After that I had to stand on this weighing machine look-a-like, to measure body fat%, water %, muscle mass %, etc

Second, I had to strip till my underclothes and lie on this Air Bed which will squeeze your body and then release. This was to help with the body's blood flow. According to the person assisting me, she said it's for people who does not exercise regularly. Honestly in my opinion, i thought the air bed was useless. Because:
- when you wear the stuff on your legs, arms, and stomach area, it does not fit 100% nicely on your body.
- my hands/palms/fingers felt cold and sensitive as the air bed was holding tightly on my wrist to control the blood flow. Whenever the first cycle is done, the bed would release all the air, and then start again; but it did not give enough time for some blood to flow back to my palms/fingers. 
- my feet felt so uncomfortable, like I said it was not perfectly fit. One side was more covered than the other, i kept changing positions of my feet. 
After about 4 to 5 cycles i only sweated very little. 

Third, was the Lymphatic Drainage which was pretty painful. When they massage, they are like pushing to one direction most of the time, to get rid of toxins and lymphs I guess. 

Fourth, Ginger Tummy Massage, it was the MOST PAINFUL massage for me because I have gastritis and weak stomach due to sleeping late at night and not waking up on time for breakfast, etc. It was terribly painful! So people rest early, wake up at the right time for breakfast. :P

The massage ended with a short shoulder massage. 

Over all the experience was a good experience except for the Air Bed. I would rate my overall experience 3/5. 

Short tips: Do not listen to their weight loss advise. Why? This is what they told me and my friend.

1. The lady told me my biceps muscle is quite big, and i told her cause i've been doing my biceps. Then she told me to not do that, by doing so i won't lose weight. Then i said to her, if i can't do any arm workout, how do i lose my arm fats? I expected her to say cardio, but this is what she said(translated): "for your triceps, put your elbow up and behind your head and just give a pull and stretch." 
I was like... you got to be kidding me... well i didn't say it, just thought it, haha. 

2. The manager told my friend that her legs has alot of muscles. So my friend told her cause she jogs, then the manager asked, why do you jog? My friend said cause she wanted to lose weight. The manager then told her, no jogging will make your legs bigger cause of the muscles. My friend then asked, if it's so, how do i lose weight? ................................................................................................... she said take diet pills

So yeah ladies and even gentlemen, go for the detox, go for the massage, but never listen to their weight lost tips. Here's their pricing.

Aromatherapy Massage
30 mins - RM48
60 mins - RM68
90 mins - RM98
120 mins - RM128
Lymphatic Detoxifying Massage - 90 mins - RM158
Sea Salt Milk Scrub - 75 mins - RM158
Lymphatic Drainage Scrub - 45 mins - RM138
Full Body Scrub - 20 mins - RM48
Guasatherapy Massage - 30 mins - RM58
Scalp and Shoulder Massage - 30 mins - RM68
Cellulite & Slimming Therapy - 75 mins - RM128
Volcano Stone Compress Ball - 20 mins - RM68
Essential Herbs Compress Ball - 20 mins - RM78
Part Mask (Detox, Whitening) - 20 mins -  RM58
Body Whitening (Part 1) - 45 mins - RM118

Zen Beaute

45 Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 

Kuala Lumpur,58200, Wilayah Persekutuan 
03-7980 2657

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  1. RM39 only? i also wanna go leh! but all in KL sigh! and those got in penang only do for girls. SIGHHHH!

  2. exercise is the best way to lost weight!

  3. @henry - really? u check everyday la the websites, there's bound to be 1 for guys too.
    @choi yen - exactly!
    @the yum list - painful at first, relaxing after :)


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