Reunion @ Ecoba Damansara Perdana

3:29 AM

I call this a reunion because there are some of us who are currently doing thesis only, or are currently doing internship, or have graduated. This meet up was not really a reunion but rather an after party of an event that happened that night at Help University (Forgot which night :p). 

A quick over look of the place.
Outside/Entrance where they usually have tables outside but that night they were preparing for a function for the next day so all the tables were stacked up. 

Sausages with ikan bilis, super salty! The person who ate this was really really hungry but even so she could not say it's delicious. About RM10+? Do not order this unless you like salty food haha. :)

Whenever I go bars with friends, i often order beer as I think it's more worth it. But this very night I just felt like having my white wine instead... for RM16 which i thought was pretty decent. I took my first sip, it was delicious, lol my boyfriend imitated me right after he saw me by drinking his stout. Haha...

Carlsberg, Connor's Stout, Hoegarden, and a glass of Red Wine behind. Oh yes, do not order their Carlsberg Draught Beer, it tasted weird, i think over diluted. 

Pictures of my friends and I

Will, Hamid, Neesha
James, Vanesa, Faris (super cute when he smiles)
And some of the rest of the people, the whole long stretch of table is ours. 
and also... it's College Night on Wednesdays! Sadly we weren't there on a Wednesday. 

Over all Ecoba is a pretty decent hang out place, nothing much to compliment nor insult, just very basic in my opinion. BUT the music for that particular night was shit as it was pretty repetitive.

Service: 2.5/5
Drinks: 2/5 (cause of the weird tasting Carlsberg)
Environment: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5 

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