Brian's Birthday Celebration

12:23 AM

Last month was my friend's birthday and we had a small gathering celebration at TGIF at 1Utama. Let me introduce to you the birthday dude! And a short introduction of them all... :)

Mr. Brian Khoo! Met him through his girlfriend Isabel, whom I met through James.
From what I've heard and seen, he's been a great friend to everyone, being very helpful even at times when he himself is struggling with his own problems. Thank you for that. :) I've still yet to know him better, but this is what I was told. Oh yeah he's also a funny guy... his personality makes people laugh.

Pictures of us all....

Most of you guys who know me would know he is, if you don't... well he's my koala. :)

Benita & Arthur
Benita is a wonderful Make Up Artist, love her work. My make up for the photoshoot in the picture above (banner) was done by her. She doesn't have to brag about how good she is, her make up skills did it for her. She doesn't brag at all actually haha... :)

Arthur, still getting to know him better, other than cheesy... hahahaha he's nice too... :)

One of the nicest person I know, she's so caring towards others... always very gentle and sweet. :)

She's sweet and funny just the way she is, she does not have to make jokes to make people laugh, her cute personality does it for her.

With him around, there will not be any moment of silence. Also as far as I know he enjoys dancing. :)

Time for pictures of the Food! PS this isn't a review.

No description for the food cause I don't remember, just wanna get you guys craving. :p

As usual this kind of gathering is mostly talking and as I remember I had a good time chatting with them and laughing. So after the eating and chatting the birthday boy had to do a little show for us.

I'm sure you guys know what happened... will post the video if the birthday boy approves. :p

Trying to blow the birthday ice cream...

Couldn't reach, failed. But it is pretty impossible anyways. Anyone of you managed to blow off a candle from that distance before?

Yum yum...

Oh yeah Will, the tallest guy in this picture he came a lil later to join us.

Fun picture time!

Haha that's about it, thanks for reading... :)

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 Hope you have a great week ahead! Bye... :)

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