CLINIQUE Super City Block Quick Review

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Hey everyone! 

I was given a few samples from CLINIQUE and this is one of the products! The Super City Block with SPF 40. This product claims to be an oil-free daily face protector... so let's get started with the review. :)

So it's pretty clear that the product inside has the same printing as the box, so whatever you need to know about the product should be stated at the back of the bottle too. But to be safe, I usually keep the box too. :)

This product claims to have a sheer and weightless formula thatcontains high level of SPF sun protection plus a boosted level of antioxidants. It slips on easily, absorbs quickly. 

Directions: What I would usually do is apply the sun screen on a clean face, after toning and moisturizing.


My Review

The product is brown in colour and the texture is actually not as sheer as it states.
When I put on my face it doesn't feel comfortable because it feels kinda difficult to spread and after applying it is also a little sticky. I have oily skin, so I usually prevent products that leave a sticky feel. I know this may sound strange, but so happen when I was using this sun block my skin looked darker, even my friend said so. When that happened I was wondering how in the world because i've not been under the sun lately. I do not know why the product made me look tanner, but i'm guessing is the colour of the product perhaps?


Even if it's RM20 I will not buy this product. Reasons?
1. Made me look tanner
2. Has sticky feel after apply
3. Not easily spreadable as compared to the current sun block i'm using
4. Definitely not RM20 ;)

Rate: 2/5 

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 Hope you have a great week ahead! Bye... :)

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  1. Haha!! I have same thought with you! I dont like the stickiness and it is not easy to apply! I prefer my RM30 sunscreen haha!

    And it's not cheap :D


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