How to use Waxing Strips + Veet Review

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Hey guys!

I know that Veet has been around for quite some time now, and whenever a topic about "waxing" comes up the brand Veet would be mentioned. So here is just a quick review of their wax strips that you can find at most pharmacies. As you can see Caring Pharmacy is selling it for RM23.90 but now is the Raya Sales season so do go and see if there's any further discount. :)

If you're wondering what's the fury thing behind the wax strip... well it is Ronya!
Such a cutie... no I did not wax her and NO I'M NOT GOING TO WAX HER. She's such a sweetheart... love her so much! <3.

Description behind box
One thing good about this is that they show you how to wax in ALL of their strips. If you do not know how wax, it's really simple.
1. Make sure the place that you want to wax is clean.
2. Rub the wax strips together to generate heat to melt the wax. (Like picture below)
3. Once you feel that the wax is warm peel the strips apart.
4. Place the wax on areas you wish to wax. (Like picture below)
5. Wait for a few seconds to 1 minute, then peel it off one go (FAST). Pull at directions depending on where your hair falls. Like the picture above, the hair is facing outward (from the hand), so when you pull the wax, you pull from out to inward. Another example would be your legs, usually the hair on our legs are facing downwards right? So you will have to pull from bottom to top.
6. Some strips are reusable, meaning it can be used to wax a few more areas before dispose. For this Veet strips, it could be reused but it was difficult to as it doesn't stick well unless you rub the wax again to melt the wax. 
Cutie Ronya sleeping...

7. The Results! After waxing use the Finish Wipes provided to clean of any residue from the wax.
One thing great about Veet is that they provided 3 packets of this wipes.

8. After wiping off the residue, wash the area with water and soap, patt dry with clean towel and if you wish may apply some lotion to soothe the pain. 

- Has 3 packets of finish wipes, whereas this other brand that I use has only 2 packets and it is not enough. After the wipes finish I usually would have to use baby oil.

- It doesn't work as well as the other brand that i'm using. 
- Have to rub the strips many times in order to reuse. 
- The waxing process with this product takes quite a while as compared to my other waxing strip brand.

Rate: 2.4/5
Repurchase: No
- Even though Veet provides more wipes, i still like my other waxing strips better.

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