Maybelline #235 - Warm Me Up Review

4:05 AM

Hello everyone! Here is a Review/Swatch post on the Maybelline's #235 Warm Me Up Lipstick. I bought this at around RM23 from Watsons when they were having their "VIP" Sales (Member sales). I'm the kind of person that usually go for colours that are more to pink because Red doesn't really suit me but I do want to wear those hot Reds. :( Anyways here's just a quick review. :)


I would like to apologize as the colour isnt accurate but I'll roughly describe the colour (thank God our pharmacies have testers)

The colour is more to light brownish pink, after applying on my lips the colour is like light pale pink, but has more colour and looks less pale. I wouldn't say that it looks like no lipstick at all because the colour is a little lighter than my usual lip colour or the colour tone is different. So yeah it's like a nude brownish pink kind of colour.

This kind of lip colour would be suitable for any occasion whether you're wearing heavy eye make up or just a simple everyday make up.

In the picture it looks like my lip colour but slightly darker, but in real life it actually looks a little lighter and pinker.

- The colour lasts for quite long, even if you can't feel the lipstick texture on your lips, the colour is still there.
- Does not dry out lips (not for me at least) - but advisable to apply lip balm before lipstick
- Affordable, less than RM30
- Nice and sophisticated packaging

- Can't think of any, for me so far this lipstick is pretty good and I like it.
- As for the lipstick range, there's a con and that is the colour range is pretty limited. They may look like they have quite a variety but I noticed most of them are just lighter or darker shades of one another. Limited in Red tones.

Other than that it is a pretty decent lipstick.

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  1. I saw this in Watson the other day too, quite tempted to buy, but in the end I din buy cuz I went for IN 2 IT brand instead. I was looking for orange/peach kinda colour, and Maybelline duzzin have it. :(

    1. ah yeah like i've mentioned, the colours are pretty limited. How much was your in2it?

  2. arhh,the colour not bad actually. kinda natural! :)


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