Step Up Revolution Movie Review *Tiny Spoilers*

2:01 AM

The Story

This movie is about a dance crew called the MOB who joined a YouTube contest where they need to record their dance moves and upload them on YouTube. Once they get the highest viewership they will win a big sum of money as well as recognition. Like most movies, usually along the way some drama would happen, and the story will be about how they handle the problems. 

My Personal Opinion
I was really excited to watch this movie because I personally love to dance since I was a little girl. I love Step Up and Step Up 2, though Step Up 3 was kinda disappointing, seeing the trailer for Step Up Revolution I had high expectations. When the first dance started I was preparing myself for the excitement... but for me the song was a little out for my taste. :( Here are the dance scenes that I personally like.

As well as their final group dance scene... 

Throughout the whole movie, my heart only started beating in excitement halfway of the second last dance scene. I had no idea why i did not feel the excitement during most part of this movie. But after talking to people I found out why. It was the shooting angles, as well as the editing! Angles and editing is VERY important and it is what that creates the special effects to make something normal look amazing. So their dance choreography are good! But the editing kinda messed up the hard work of the dancers. 

The story line for most parts are pretty predictable, but it is somewhat a little different from the usual dance movies that are usually about "competition". Most dance movies i've seen were all about competing, or dance is their life, etc. This time for this movie, it was a little more meaningful, and slightly more realistic (story line). 

*This is my personal opinion, may differ depending on individual.*

BUT... this is a movie that I will want to watch again, not in Cinema but you know where... :p. 

Rate: 3.5/5

I would normally post a trailer, but if you're thinking of watching it, do not watch the trailer, because you will most probably be disappointed. 

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