Banana Pancake Without Flour Recipe

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So the other night I made some Banana Pancakes for my good friend's birthday celebration because she likes sweet stuff. The moment the picture of my Banana Pancakes was uploaded on Instagram I had immediate responses of likes. At the birthday celebration, some of her friends said it was tasty too and wondered how I made it without flour.

This Pancake is low in calories and high in protein, suitable for people who are on diet and to snack in between.

So today I'm here to reveal the "Secret Recipe". The things you'll need are...

- 2 Eggs
- 1 Banana
- Egg Beater
- Potato Masher
- Table Spoon

Step 1
Break the eggs. Most people would remove one or both of the yolks, but nope we are going to use the whole egg.

Step 2
Peel Banana, peel peel banana..... and use a spoon or knife or anything to chop the banana into pieces like the picture below.

Step 3
Smash them up! You may use the Potato Masher to smash the banana or the egg beater. But personally I find the potato masher more effective.

Step 4
Once you've mashed the banana you may beat the mixture with an egg beater. Be sure to mix it as much as you can. It is okay if the mixture isn't smooth, but try to have most of the banana mixed in with the egg.

Step 5
Put oil in the pan. Since this pancake is already low in calories you do not want to defeat the purpose by putting normal cooking oil. So use Olive Oil or another other oil that you know are healthy. :) Heat up the oil.

Step 6
Use a big spoon to scoop the mixture and gently pour them into the pan. Every stove is different so you really have to do trial and error. For me I usually put the smallest fire my stove can provide. But my smallest isn't that small either, so have test it out yourselves. :)

Step 7
Flip it like how you normally flip pancakes! :)

You may even make smaller pieces so you can easily pop them into your mouth.

Tadha! So easy right? Just 2 ingredients to make this! The outcome tastes exactly like Banana Pancake.

Note: The mixture has to be exactly 2 eggs and 1 banana, if you put 3 eggs the mixture would be more liquid and you can taste the egg when you eat them. To make more, just double up to 4 eggs 2 bananas.

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  1. arh! this is really easy! thanks for sharing! :D

  2. NICE RECIPE !! Love this...share more recipe lah!;P

  3. @xue ren - welcome :)
    @eunice - thank u haha sure sure... :)

  4. I think I'll be having this tomorrow since I have bananas at home.

  5. nice and simple....i must try this ...thanks for sharing!

  6. Well this was a amazing recipe. I only used three banana as it was
    all i had on hand. I used coconut butter, instead of oil and added
    a 2tsp of vanilla. They came out light, and fluffy and so yummy.
    san carlos Health club


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