Hair Chalking Review

12:28 AM

Hey there ladies!

So I notice recently that hair chalking has become pretty popular. Not only does it look nice and colourful, it is also fun to do! One thing that I like about hair chalking is that you can change your colours anytime and don't have to worry about your hair growing out. I love that you can match your hair with the clothes you wear on certain occasions. :) 

Noticing the hype of hair chalking I decided to get one for myself to try and probably just have fun! I bought mine from for only RM50 for 64 colours!

Look at the beautiful colours! 

The chalk is actually very pigmented. I just swipe my finger one time and look at how thick the colour showed on my finger!

How to use?
I believe that there are many ways to apply this, it all depends on individual's preference. I've seen some people wet their hair first, and then take the chalk and rub it on the hair. I did try that but I find it annoying because if I do that my fingers will be filled with the colour like the picture below. 

Soooo...I discovered another way to do it! I take the chalk, dip the end of the chalk into a cup/bowl of water and then apply it on my hair. Apply downwards only! If you apply up and downwards you might cause more damage to your hair. 

After that, you can either blow dry (make sure to set it hot because warm and cold will not help the colour stay on), hair straightener, or hair curler. Personally I would want to stay away from direct heat such as hair straighteners and curlers because they are more damaging to the hair as compared to a hair dryer. 

So here's my results!

Picture without flash

With flash
The colour is much more obvious if I don't use flash. 

  • Fun to do as you can match your hair with your clothing.
  • Colour is pretty obvious and striking
  • Does not take too long to apply. (Depends how much hair you want to highlight)
  • After applying your hair will feel very dry. After all it's chalk.
  • It can leave marks on your clothing if you chalk the ends of the hair and if you did not blow dry it properly
Rate: 3/5
Repurchase?: Maybe

There's no expiry date for this product so don't worry about rushing and finishing them off before they expire. 
Messiness depends on individual, some people said it's messy but for me it was pretty okay. 

*Please do not do hair chalking regularly because it is very drying for the hair. After your party or occasion, when you wash your hair the next day remember to condition well, as well as apply serum or leave in hair moisturizers/conditioners on your hair, focusing on the areas you chalked.  

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)


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  1. Dear you can actually get it for a much cheaper price at any art shop. :( Nice trying btw :)


    1. Thanks dear, I'm not really an artsy person so I wouldn't know which chalk to get also... But there are other blog shops that are selling for RM80. :)

  2. ;) nice new toy! But i think it's indeed too ex... haha.. we dont need that many colors anyway..;P btw, i like your colorful~ ;D

    1. Thats what i thought too... but u can keep it for a long time... after a while i know i will use the colours to match clothes when i feel like it :)

  3. That is nice. But sad thing is after you dry your hair the hair can be super dry. Very bad for the hair though

    1. Yeah if it doesnt dry the hair would've been perfect... but after wash and conditioned it will go back to almost like before... my hair itself is already damaged but today after conditioning is not too bad.


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