Salmon Fried Rice Recipe (Less fat and MSG)

3:33 AM

Hey everyone!

First off, I'm not a cook other than cooking at home ONCE IN A WHILE when i feel like it. But anyhow I love eating food that are high in carbs like fried rice and fried noodles, maggi goreng (yummm).

If I were to eat outside, there'll definitely have a lot of salt and/or MSG which I don't like and also the noodles or rice most of the time taste very oily.

So the other day I was thinking what to cook for lunch, for my sister when she gets back from school, and for myself. My mum told me to cook the salmon because it can't be kept for too long. At first my mum suggested to fry the salmon and eat with rice, but at that time I craved for fried rice.

Due to that I decided to make Salmon fried rice instead, but with a healthier recipe and it turned out to be pretty good. This is not for people who are under super strict diet, but rather a healthier choice.

So the things you'll need are....

  1. Garlic - one or two depending on how much you like garlic
  2. Onions - As much/little as you like
  3. Salmon - I used one Salmon and sliced them into cubes and removed the bones.
  4. 2 egg whites - since i'm cooking for two
  5. Yesterday's rice
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Sesame Oil
  8. Oyster Sauce
  9. Oregano Herbs
  10. Black Pepper (If you want)

Step 1

Put some Olive Oil and fry the egg whites. 

Step 2
Pour in the onions and garlic.

Step 3
Pour in all of the Salmon that you've sliced and stir till the salmon is cooked. Once the Salmon is cooked pour your rice in. Rice roughly around two to three bowls

Step 4
Pour a few drops of Sesame Oil and stir

Step 5
Put a few drops of Oyster Sauce like the picture below, more or less depending on how much taste you want. Stir

I was really casual while cooking this and had to taste around three times to get the taste I wanted, so I do suggest you taste the rice first before you take them out. :)

Step 6
Put in some Oregano, not too much just a little to enhance the smell and taste. Stir

And there you have it! Simple and healthier Salmon Fried Rice. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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 Hope you have a great week ahead! Bye... :)

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