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Hey guys!

I know that many people, including students have been so stressed out with assignments and exams, adults stressed out with work, etc etc; and most of the people now days literally are glued to their computers. Due to that many people are experiencing the lack of rest, in which is the most important thing for our human body to recover from any aches, pain, and sicknesses. 

The long hours of sitting in front of the computer and lack of exercising will eventually be bad for the body system, as well as cause soreness for the body such as a sore neck and shoulders, and even the back. 

Not only working people but housewives as well experience daily exhaustion from doing house works and taking care of their kids and husband. What more to say about Super Mums and Super Dads? They have to work, do house work and take care of their kids.

To be honest, personally for me I tend to often hunch when I’m using my laptop. Unfortunately I have not gotten my work table yet and due to that I have to sit on the floor using those “Breakfast in bed” table from IKEA as my work table for now. I have been sitting on the floor or my bed while using my laptop for more than one year now and every time when I use for about three hours or so my neck would get sore and sometimes a little painful.

Recently I heard about the new Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub so I decided to give it a try. I’ve heard of the brand Tiger Balm and used to use them mainly for headaches so it is a brand that I know of and trust hence it was not a difficult decision for me to decide to try it out.  

The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub comes in two variants, the regular and the BOOST. The Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub has a soothing lavender fragrance that provides lasting relief for mild neck and shoulder aches. As for the Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder BOOST, it has a refreshing scent that invigorates as well as provides extra strength and lasting relief for over-stressed, tired and stiff neck and shoulder muscles. (I think I need this one more)

The one thing that got my attention into trying this product is because it is NON-GREASY. A product that helps soothe your aches at the same time does not leave a sticky and greasy feeling is perfect for “on the go”. It is also the first and only product that is specially formulated to provide relief for neck and shoulder aches and tension.

My Experience

So I tried this product out cause of my sore neck and shoulders. I’ve got to say that the smell is not too bad and the feeling is really nice. After my mum applied it on me together with a little bit of massage, the cooling effect lasted for a few hours to which I’m really surprised. I would say that the Rub absorbed pretty quickly and using it for just one night did relieve my aches a bit. (Do know that the effectiveness of this product varies depending on individual.)

However this isn’t a magic lotion when you apply once and your aches will be cured, I would say it did help relieve the aches but does not cure completely after one application. 

The Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub also helps me feel more relaxed when I apply them right before bed. Sleeping with the cooling sensation is just relaxing.


Personally I think that people who are often busy and sit in front of the computer for long hours or those who carries heavy stuff often should carry a bottle of this Tiger Blam Neck and Shoulder Rub. The bottle design is a flat 50g tube that is very convenient for carrying even for traveling. 

This is like a “Massage On the Go” where if you feel any part of your body is aching, with just an application you would feel so much more relieved, furthermore it does not leave any greasy or sticky feeling and I think that is really great. 

Because of the unfortunate incident where most people are having hectic schedules now days, they do not have time to go for a massage or spa, therefore the Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub will really help in soothing your ached and sore areas.

-          The cooling/menthol effect is long lasting
-          Non Greasy
-          Comes in a 50g tube that is convenient for carrying around
-          Contains fresh scent

-          it would be better if the scent was not as strong
-          If I applied this and sprayed perfume on me the smell might turn out really strange, it’ll be great if there’s no scent actually, so that I can use them often without an interference with my perfume scent.

Rate: 3.8/5
Repurchase: Yes

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 Hope you have a great week ahead! Bye... :)

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