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October 20th, 2012 - I was invited by Alliance Cosmetics to attend the launch of SilkyGirl's Sweet Temptation Dolls Perfume Collection at Hello Deer at Damansara Uptown. The first thing that came to my mind when I received the e-mail was "Hmm... why is SilkyGirl coming out with another perfume range?" because they already have some at pharmacies.

But when I attended the launch, I learned why. 

The perfume dolls each have a scent that represents individuality and personality. Looking at the left picture (L-R: Innocent Isabelle, Sunshine Sue, Charming Charley, Lovely Lucy, and Bold Becky) If you noticed their names have the same initials - II, SS, CC, LL, and BB that way is easier for people to remember the names. 

Which Sweet Temptation are you?

Innocent Isabelle 

Sweet and welcoming. She loves everything pink especially her favorite treat, cotton candy!Innocent Isabelle
sweeps you off your feet with whiffs of floral sweetness of jasmine and muguet blended with fresh citrus notes.

Sunshine Sue

Brings joy and cheer wherever she goes. Lollipops make her happy and bright colors just excite her! Sunshine Sue claps and sings with a sunny tropical fruity joy enhanced with hints of roses and gardenias.

Charming Charley

Is an outgoing party princess who loves making new friends as much as she loves vanilla ice cream! Charming Charley dances to the music with a cheerful burst of fruity freshness with delectable nips of vanilla and freesia

Lovely Lucy

Matches her blue dresses to her favorite desserts, blueberry cupcakes.Creative and whimsical,she just loves fashion and art! Lovely Lucy utterly delights you with a fruity mix of melons and berries with irresistibly sweet floral tinges.

Bold Becky

Is a glamour girl that exudes confidence and she just loves to indulge in chocolates. Get ready for her to take over the world! Bold Becky steals the spotlight with elegant traces of floral notes with a dash of vanilla, peach and raspberries.

After the explanation of the dolls, the launch continued with some entertainment for us bloggers. Our teachers from SweetToothVille. They taught us how to make our very own Temptation Dolls Cupcakes!

It was my first time, I had a pretty hard time doing it, but even so I had fun. :)

With Nicole Sim

My cupcake's turn out. So ugly hahaha...

Compared to the professionals...
This is perfectly done.

The girl on the right won the best cupcake decoration. 

After the cupcake decoration I managed to get a closer look and smell of the Sweet Temptation Dolls. My favourites would be Sunshine Sue and Lovely Lucy
At first I only liked those two, but seeing how cute they all look I wanted them all! 

That was about it for the launch, we took some pictures, I met a few of them and they are really nice. :)

Amanda, Nicole, and Isabelle

Group Photo

My OOTD - Casual
Top from RM20 Store on Facebook
Skirt from Niichie

Necklace and Ring from Curve. The flee market every weekend.
Watch from Guess Collection
Shoes from Vincci

My Goodie bag! Yes I got Bold Becky and guess what! I'm going to be giving away 
Bold Becky+Bookmark+Charm Bracelet

How to win the Giveaway?
1. You will be winning Bold Becky + Charm Bracelet + A bookmark
2. This giveaway is for Malaysia only
3. Follow me on Good Friend Connect (Readers)
4. Follow me on Twitter. www.twitter.com/joanna_sara
5. Like my Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/josarinechoong
6. Share this giveaway via this link: http://www.facebook.com/josarinechoong/posts/120009918156739
7. Share this giveaway on Twitter, remember to TAG me. (If you do not own Twitter, mention it on the comments below). If I found out you lied you will immediately be disqualified.
"A Perfume that Represents Your Personality + Givea...    "
8. Comment below why do you want Bold Becky?

That's it! Super simple, the winner will be selected based on the most interesting comment. 
Giveaway ends on November 11, 2012 - 11.59pm

I wish you all the best! :)

*Sweet Temptation Dolls will in available in Pharmacies starting November 15, for only RM19.90. However they are limited edition, once stock has finished there will be no re-stock

*Picture credit to SilkyGirl Facebook Page

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See you soon! :)

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  1. First to join! :DDDDDD
    btw I like you ring!

    I want to own Bold Becky because she can steal the spotlight from everyone with her unique scene! Having Bold Becky can definitely help me to boost my confidence by smelling nice with the scene of peach and raspberries! Lovey dovey smell!

  2. Must do all eight steps? As using ipad very limited to do...

    1. Hi Sherry, yes have to do all eight steps. Nothing the Ipad can't handle. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Amy, I'm sorry as it states above, this is for Malaysia only.

  4. Hihi,
    I want Bold Becky so I would be bold enough to confess to the cute guy sitting in front of me in my primary school, with the BOLD AND FRUITY SWEET SMELL ! YOU BELONG WITH ME !! hahaha *smooches*

  5. hehe! awesome giveaway! good luck to all participants! :) i'm not a big fan of perfume YET. maybe soon! :)

  6. wow can i participate too? =DD
    I want Bold Becky and give it to my girlfriend so that she will be more confident in herself when she's full of the floral fragrance! besides, I love the sweet scent of vanilla, peach and raspberries! =D

  7. I want to win Bold Becky because i think that this scent is the most interesting of them all,and i believe that it will boost my confidence with this scent. And i'm ready to be in the spotlight with Bold Becky with her elegant traces of floral notes with a dash of vanilla, peach and raspberries.

  8. I want to win Bold Becky as I want to be inspired to be bolder because I am very shy. Clark Kent becomes Superman when he removes his glasses, while I become Bold Becky when I smell perfume!

    gfc and twitter: quinieleong
    facebook: Leong Quinie


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