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Hey everyone! Hope all of you had an awesome weekend.

Quite a while ago Mini Eunice, Karmun Ng, and I were invited for food tasting at Chilla Cup located in Solaris. So yes we went there with a starving stomach. ;)

The first thought that came into my mind the moment I walked into this Cafe was "hey quite comfy and cozy looking." The interior of this place is pretty westernized (which I like) and gives a very comfortable feel (for me). 

Chilla Cup also reminds me a little of Starbucks, or any other coffee house in Malaysia. But what makes Chilla Cup different from other coffee house is that they serve meals, deliciously made meals. 

The Marketing Executive of Chilla Cup brought us into the kitchen to show us how the staffs prepare their freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches, and their popular pretzels. 

I do not know a lot about coffee, but I can tell if the coffee is freshly brewed. (Duh i think most coffee drinkers can) Chilla Cup's coffee I would admit and say that it is really not bad. I had their Cappuccino without sugar, and I could taste the strong coffee taste.. and i liked it. :)

Cappuccino - RM9.50 (R), RM10.50 (L)

Caffe Green Mint Mocha - RM11.90 (R), RM12.90 (L)

Caramel Macchiato - RM11.90 (R), RM12.90 (L)


Dory Fish in Butter Raisin Rice - RM16.90

I believe this was my favourite dish of that day. I love the sauce with the Dory Fish as well as the Butter Raisin Rice. This whole dish tasted fresh and just nice. (3.8/5)

Dory Fish with Sour Cream - RM16.90
This dish was pretty good as well however as you eat you will see the amount of oil they put for this dish. (3/5)

Pepperoni Tortilla - RM13.90

Tortilla is a.k.a Thin Pizza. Pepperoni pizzas usually can't taste that much different, but for this pizza you can taste the difference of the cheese. It is the rich and cheesy kind of taste, but other than that it tastes pretty much like a pepperoni pizza. (3/5)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce - RM16.90

I kinda like this dish as well, the beef was just nice for me, it is tender over all I find it delicious. The vegetables taste good on its own but even better when dipped into the mushroom sauce. I'm not a potato person so I didn't really eat much of that. (3.5/5)

Original Pretzels - RM6.90

This tastes about 30% similar to Auntie Anne's, but of course this tastes better! It contains sea salts which is delicious to eat it on its own without any sauce, and the size of this pretzel is pretty big. However the price is indeed a little on the expensive side when Auntie Anne's is only about what RM3? I haven't had Auntie Anne's for a while so I'm not sure what's the pricing now for the original pretzel. But you pay for quality.(3.5/5)

Now this is a special dessert that is not in the Menu. It is ice cream float in Espresso. As we all know pure Espresso is bitter, so the ice cream will help sweeten your tongue. If you want to try this, you may ask them for Espresso float maybe? But that's not the name of this dessert. (4/5)

Having water and cups freely available like this is very convenient instead of heading to the counter to ask for water. I think that this should be a must have in a coffee house because coffee is dehydrating which will cause people to thirst, so having water available openly where people can just walk to and fill a cup that is prepared as well is perfect. 

Here is the end of my blog post on Chilla Cup, and over all I do like this place and would want to come here again with my other friends, mainly for a cup of coffee and some pretzels. :)

Service - Because this was an invited review, I am not able to review their service.
Food and Drinks Quality - 3.8/5
Atmosphere - 3.8/5
Revisit - Yes.

Special thanks to Wendy for the invitation. :)

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  1. their coffee is good but I think their food is just ma-ma-dei nia...

    1. The one you tried was at Subang right? Or was it Puchong? Heard about that incident from Eunice, but the food in this outlet is really not bad... Not great la... but not bad... if I were to choose btween Secret Recipe and this, I choose this... lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes you should! If im not mistaken they were on timeoutkl mag.


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