Churp Out 2012! (Night time)

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Aloha! Yes the Churp Out 2012 happened yesterday (October 13, 2012) and if you have missed it, no worries i'm sure there'll be more to come. :) Here are the activities happened at Churp Out. 

Rodeo Bull, Dunking Machine, Electic Maze, Zig Zag Wheel, Balloon Pop, High Striker

DJ Fuzz, DJ Daphne Iking, DJ Patricia K, MandHanD. dayDream, Fashion Valet - Outfits, Amber Chia Academy - Models, Silence SpeaksHalf Past Six, Lim Sher Lin, Skyward, CheerAces, Project Elementz, EcodrumCircle, Malaysian Ukulele Group, Dan Khoo Productions, Joseph Germani, The Ming Thing, Bryan Lim TV, Jinnyboy TV, and Grim Film 

SF by Sazzy Falak, Ringo Tan aka Cheesie, Audrey Ooi aka Fourfeetnine, Jane Chuck, Joyce Wong aka Kinky Blue Fairy, Jezmine Blossom, Tey Cindy, Ming aka The Childlike Empress, Maria Elena, and Delectable by Su

Beat Kitchen, Miao & Wafu Pafu by Akiraceo, Malaysia Ukulele Group, EcoDrumCircle, Chee Ching, Mercy Malaysia, Power Over Cervical Cancer, WWF, SPCA, Fugee School, Do Something Good, and Pride Foundation

#Churpout2012 was located at Publika, the open area near the stage from 11am to 10pm. From what my blogger friends told me, the turn out was pretty impressive despite it was raining heavily. So yay for that!

As for the night, when I reached the crowd wasn't too bad as well. I can't compare with the day time because I wasn't there, but thank God for the invention of cameras. :)

I was there with my uni friend Lina, whom I've not seen in a while due to her hectic working life. Do check her blog out at She's really cute and bubbly! She blogs on lifestyle and beauty.

So when we met up we went to register ourselves and got a stamping card and I also signed up for BCard. We went to the games booth and had to play some games in order to get all the chops and redeem our prize. 

The first game that we didn't play. I'm  kind of glad i didn't because I would definitely embarrass myself. 

Second game, Zig Zag Wheel. I managed to get the ball into the hole! 

Electric  Maze, reminds me of Mr. Bean days

One of the entertainment of the night was the Fashion Show. I believe this is the fashion show for Fashion Valet (correct me if i'm wrong).The models aren't really models, you can tell by one look, but that doesn't matter because the main purpose is to show and promote the clothes. However I caught some of the models giving a bit of attitude on stage, I saw a few of them posing very 'cincai' like they just want to get the job done. But anyways here are some of the models.

Clothing wise they are actually not bad, for me the style looked quite traditional-ish, like the olden days outfit the Sabah and Sarawak people used to wear but of course with enhancement. 

The finale

During the fashion show, DJ Daphne Iking was spinning. She was pretty hyper and entertaining at the same time as she was spinning and dancing on stage. Though however her songs transition was not that good, but even so it was fun to watch her spin on stage. 
DJ Fuzz getting ready to take over, DJ Daphne was still on stage dancing to the music. 

The moment DJ Fuzz started spinning, the crowd made some noise and the people from Churp Churp gathered to the front and danced along plus snapping photos of DJ Fuzz. 

DJ from Fly FM Linora Low and DJ Daphne Iking joined the crowd

Churp churp people sure know how to move! The guy in brown T-Shirt break danced a little for the crowd. The club-like concept FAILED. By club-like I meant opening the dance floor and expecting the crowd to join. They tried to gather the crowd a few times but I only saw two people joined them for a short while and after that they left. 

Daphne and Linora saw a little toddler standing in the middle so they tried to get the toddler to dance but, but she(toddler) just stood there staring at them. I'm not disagreeing with this concept but it is unfortunate that in Malaysia, this is how it's and also most likely it was just the wrong crowd. 

with Mr Benjamin Foo... he went during the day and came back for the night. 

After our games we went to redeem our prizes! I got the churp pendrive and Lina got the cute soft toy!

After we left the event we headed into the mall and saw drink and other boxes reused for aprons and other things. It is kind of amazing because you'll definitely need a lot of time and patience to do this.

Doll houses are expensive, get it for free by making it out of drink boxes. 

Cool lamp. But I hope it doesnt burn down when the light bulb explodes. Hey it happens, the light bulb exploding I mean. 

The penguin is so cute! Had to take picture with it. 

That's it! Lina and I went for our late dinner and hanged out! Thanks for reading see ya! :)

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