Daikan @ Changkat

3:36 PM

Hey everyone!

If you read my Euro Deli post you will know that it was my friend's birthday and we had dinner there! After dinner we headed to Daikan at Changkat for the after party!

Daikan is pretty much known as a Japanese Restaurant because that's how it looks like downstairs, where most people who walk pass by would see. But upstairs is where the drinking, dancing, and partying are happening.

Because I've not heard of this place, and someone told me that this place is not happening and stuff I expected less from it. However when we got upstairs most of the seats were booked! Hey if this place isn't happening it wont be booked would it?

So the manager I believe assisted us to the back where it looked like a place where people would sit there and smoke, it was opened air and no ceiling. Thank God that night didn't rain. It wasn't pleasant looking, the seats we got I mean, but as long the birthday girl is okay with it then it's okay.

Forgotten a name of this shots, they taste like baileys. Supposed to be a strong drink, but the girls and I had them and we felt nothing. RM70+ for a tray.

Sakae! RM300+ for a bottle.

The drinking starts with the birthday girl. She took the first shot of the Baileys shot.
Followed by the rest of the girls + birthday girl with her second shot and then the guys.

When the tray of Baileys finished we proceeded to our Sakae. :)

The whole night basically we just drank, took pictures and went dancing like normal party nights. :) Pictures of random poses. No pictures of dancing though cause we were busy dancing... lol.

Li Ping, Natasha, Regina, and Benita

Arthur, Simon, Brian Khoo, and James.
The Lala Wannabe...

Benita and Arthur
It was a decent and fun night, the music played were kind of like Indie Mixed. We were there till almost closing when they turn the lights on. They then played a Salsa music so Regina and I did a little Salsa and it was fun! :)

Service: 4/5
Atmostphere: 2.5/5
Drinks Price: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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