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2:43 AM

Hello Ladies!

When I was assembling my IKEA Table, I suddenly got really hard working and wanted to create my make-up storage box. Do know that i'm not always like that and most of the time I'm actually quite lazy. :p 

So here's the VERY SIMPLE make-up storage of mine. Sorry for the picture blurness because I accidentally OVER resized my pictures... and I can't change it back. :(

Here are the tools that I used, a blade, metal ruler and a part from a normal box. 

A nice box, this is a Moon Cake Box.

It is pretty spacious and BIG so i managed to fit quite a lot of stuff.

So first I measured the perfect height for my box so i can cut the brown box according to the height. Later on I estimated an outline of how I want my makeup box to look like inside, and started measuring the length for each sections. Please give an extra 0.5cm so that the brown box will stay in place and not move around. (If you don't plan to permanently glue the brown box parts on your nice box.)

I arranged my mascara and eye liners next to each other. :) Oh yeah if you don't like the ugly looking brown colour you can wrap them with the colour similar to your box, but I didn't bother to. :p

The top part is the section where I keep my BB creams and face powder while the bottom I keep my eye primers, eye brown pencil and some products that I don't use often.

I've got a section for my blushers and bronzer.

My Eye Shadow Section, also the biggest section in the box. I had to put my false lashes there cause no where else could fit. 

And there you have it! A very simply DIY Make Up Storage Box, just need some brown box parts, measure, cut, and stuff them in, without GLUE!. Oh yeah I bought my Lip Stick Holder from a Japanese Shop in IKANO... only RM5!!! It's the shop right next to ALL IT Hypermarket. :)

If you all would like to see the make up products that I have, please leave a comment below and I'll do a blogpost on that.

Hope you find this blog post useful! :)

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See you soon! :)

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  1. I can't see the final 2 pictures. But this is really useful. =D

  2. cool tips! Thanks for sharing!! i can make one too!!!!;D

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's simple and it looks great!

  4. Welcome! I'm glad you girls found this useful... :)

  5. This is awesome! I have been looking for a "cheap" way to store all my make up instead of in bags or just thrown on the dresser. Plus with the newest addition of all of my black opal cosmetics, I need storage now more than ever! Thanks for sharing

  6. This is pretty cool
    Maybe post a video on youtube showing how to make it


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