Euro Deli & Friend's birthday dinner

2:29 PM

Hey everyone!

So last month we went to Euro Deli for my friend's birthday. This is not a review post because it was my friend's birthday so just wanted to hang out and have fun than focusing on reviewing the place.

A quick overview of the place.

I heard that you can actually choose your choice of meat and get them to cook on the spot... which is quite good especially if you're on diet and are looking for lean meats. 

I don't really know what these are... but i believe it is their specialty.  :)

You can find Spanish Pate here!

The Food
The price range for their dishes is from around RM20 to RM60 depending what you order. Pasta and sandwiches are usually cheaper compared to their meat dishes. A quick look of the food we ate that day! Sorry but I don't remember the names of the food, but whatever I remember I'll list them down. 

Appetizer!!! The bun is freshly hot and it taste REALLY good, no kidding! 

If i remembered correctly this was RM18 i think. 

This one was pretty expensive... around RM50+.

Macaroni and Cheese! This is RM20+ and I DO NOT recommend this because it is SUPER CHEESY! Unless you're craving for something really cheesy avoid this and do share with a friend because even my guy friend could not finish this. 

Salmon Spaghetti!!!! My friend Chloe and I ordered this and we shared. Not too cheesy or creamy, it's just nice. RM20+ as well, highly recommend this... :)

If the waiter/waitress are rude you may complain! Hehehe...

Birthday Girl

Girls taking picture in front of mirror in the bathroom time! Well it was outside of the bathroom if that makes a difference. 

Overview Rating
Food Quality and Presentation: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.8/5

Please visit their website for more information.

See you all soon! 

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Hope you have a great week ahead! Bye... :)

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